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Meeting in 4 weeks...after 6 years talking online


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ok,so iv been talking to this guy since we were both 14,now were both 20. For 6 years wev always had a total thing for each other...like we felt we loved each other. Although when we were 16 we both got into a relationship with someone else. He is form Holland and im from Scotland. During the 6 years there were periods where we didnt talk so much because of beign in a relationship,although we both admitted that we could only think of each other for the majority of that time. Since October last year we started to develop a lot of communication,its always been therer,the feelings so it was easy to just say i love you again. Because thats how it feels for us,being able to have that rappor so much and getting the butterflies,sitting on cam having a laugh an all that. Its everyday we talk,we even started phoning each other this year and could sit on the phne for 5 hours just talking evry night,so i think theres soemthing special there. I feel liek i know him so much liek theres nothign i dnt know,wev talked about all our downfalls and shortcommings so theres no ugly suprises to be dicovered. WEv exchanged lots of photos so know what to expect...to some degree. That is one of my concerns. I go out all beautified and send him my pics but i still look crap in the morings and have body flaws hes gonna see when he meets me. Hes worried as well but i dnt care so much about physical appearances i like the mind and the personality more. But im scared thet hes gonna think im not as pretty as i look in my pics or soemthing or he gets turned off by the flaws i have. And for the first meeting wer spending 3 nights together in a hotel which is pretty intimate for a first time meeting,but in a way it seems natural because wev have had sooo much communication and talking. Im just soo scared of being rejected for the real me he sees,even though iv shown him pretyt much evrything but still im not comforted by this and im sooo nervouse. I feel like i need a major pep talk to build me up for this meeting

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Well first of all i should let you know i have never had a girfriend or been in "love." Anyways after i ment her on the yahoo answers we started talkign and found we had a lot in comin the fact that we both haven't been in love nore had a relationship lol. And best part she lives in canada also...its lame that she lives on the other side thats what makes it sad but its better then half way accross the world or anything like that.



We chatted and web camed a lot she asked if we wanted to make it official and i said sure. However after awhile we decided it was kinda pointless and stupid since we couldn't have a physical relationship. Still stayed good friends. After that i really started falling for her thinking about her everyday almost every second.


Anyways long story short i found out things about me that i didn't know. Like how i came really jealous when she had a dance and was asking some guys out friends mainly, she got blown off by both and wen't alone. And in the mix up i kinda felt that i pushed her away i told her to have fun (cause she likes going out and meeting people), and not to worry about me and if love between as is ment to be then its ment to be and that its still to early to tell. She said she understod forgave me for beining a jerk which i truly was.


I asked if she still would like for me to come out there and see her...

She: "what do you think

Me: "Yes"

She: "Oh your good


So i hope to go out and see her sometime this year.


Sorry its so long got carred away there lol.

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awww soo sweet

i was the same he was the same

both jelouse as hell when we had other partners

but still thinking of each other

evry day

evry minute

evry second for 6 years

i hope you guys meet up,cos i dnt believe a LDR needs to be pointless can actually have good points if u can think of some lol

but if its just that person your intrested in then why throw it away

hollands like a 1hr 35 flight from scotland...its nothing these days liek getting stuck in traffic or soemthing so not that bad and probably the same for you gusy in canada

i believe in taking risks

find out if theres that special something really there

iv had a few bfs

but this guy

never bene out my head a second

and my life wont be complete until iv at least met him and found out what the deal is

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Well i'm guessing the flight accross canada might take 4-6hrs. I remember flying to chicago and that toke 3-4hrs and that basically right accross down.


As for a risk taker...

Well thats something i need to be all my life i played it safe and in doing so i missed out on a lot that most people got to expreince and have fun. I do regret not going out, parting, getting a girlfriend etc etc.


But i think its now time for me to start talking risks and having some fun. So we will see what goes on hopefully when i do see her we get a connection going like the way we did over the web.


And yeah it does suck beining far away cause there always on your mind and before you know it your off to fantasy land thinking about that person lol. Been happening to me a lot. \\

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im always in fantasy land but in 4 weeks itl be real

but it could turn into a nightmare?

there is a possibility?

but yes

take the risk

risks are awesoem


life changing

and all sorts of other good stuff

have you booked tickets or anything sealed yet

im so nervous cos mine is for definite

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I see we can relate when it comes to la la land lol.


I'm glad your looking at it both ways it could be good or bad, best to not get your hopes up on the good and get really down on the bad.


No heres kinda the thing are parents don't know about this and if they did they probably would kill us lol (not really kill just get mad). My parents have been feed the media news to them which is "strangers over the web are nothing but trouble"...which i think is B.S.


What i have decided to do is take one of my friends with me and tell my folks i wanna take a trip with a friend, and since she lives in niagra falls city the tourist capital of canada i didn't have to make up some b.s story why i wanna go there with a friend. Also besides her i wanna go somewhere with a buddy plus i would like to keep it in the country that i live in so what better place to go.


I like to think its kind of a sign..canada, niagra falls, tourist place etc etc.


Funny thing is she told me one of her favourite cars is the mini and ever since then i see one like everyday and there most of the time red or blue one of her favourite colours for that car lol. Keep in mind i live in like a town of 35,000 people and its declining and over here its trucks, trucks, and more trucks, i kid you not i drove up a street near where i live counted 40 trucks


Do you folks know about your love over the web ? and are you going on your own or with someone ?

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your taking a friend?

and your worried what your parents think?

im goign alone

im keeping it a big secret

not because mum would get mad

she lets me do whatever i want to do

i just keep thinsg secret

i told one friend

i been to holland 6 times so im kool getting around myself


your starting to read signs that connect her to you

like mini cars


well my dutchie guy rides a bike

in glasgow, scotland we dnt see many motorbikes around

but evrytime im seeing them more and i see one my heart skips a beat

liek,looks just like him

obv cos the helmet n gear it could look liek anyone lol

mental huh

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I just don't want my folsk to be all nosey wondering why and if they found out they would go on and on how its wrong how i shouldnt do this etc etc.


Basically feels like my parents are holding my hand and im trying to escape. I think if i have been to niagra falls as many times as you have to holland i would go on my own...i would go on my own right now but back to the folks thing they won't me to at least be with someone plus never beining there having a friend with you is nice.


He knows all about this and is telling me he would go no problem however for him money is tight its abit of a story.


I know cars is a weird thing to take as a sign lol. But i love cars so i guess thats something, speaking of cars everyonce and awhile i would see a car with ontario license plates lol.


Now that i remember her grand perants are scottish and i think its another sign that i'm talking to a girl who has the same story and lives in scotland....

hehehe i'm just joking around with that, you can go on forever making connections lol.


Are you guys the same age ?

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i told him im not gettign him one

i asked what he wanted

he wants me to be sticky for the day

as in all lovey dovey

im like yeah its better if it just comes natural

il just giv him something naughty when i see him even tho he was getting it anyways

happy birthday mmmmmm mmmm

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thats like me

i mean i am a really sweet girl

but more physically then liek communicating it

i find it hard to express evrything itno words and hes liek be sweet fs

im like

i cant

need to be there n show you

for real

and he says i act as if i dnt care or unloving

but anywas

hes getting used to it

and i will show him

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Yeah the girl that i'm best friends/have a crush lol, acts the same way. However she does have a lot in her life school, work, crappy friends. She told me i was the only one who really understod her which made me feel great cause i told her i would be there for her no matter what.

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this is the first time iv been on a site liek this i just joined tonight

i find it quite kool you can talk about stuff

i think some peopel dnt liek my opinions though but im really open minded and fair so i dnt liek extreme opinions

but anways sooo glad i found soemone whos going on a mad cyber date...i felt liek a weirdo but im gna bug soem other peopel to tell me there experiences...whenn they come on. i dunno i got a mad life

so il be posting all sorts of crap like btw although im meeting this guy in holland because i need to i think about him evry minute i have a bf as of last night...altho he was my ex for 4 months cos hes basically a w**k

complex situation to get into but hey

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Welcome to the site


A little on that hahah.



Yeah i was kinda unsure about this site and posting things and i thought like soooo many other sites lots of people might be a-holes however so far everone that i have talked to is nice and i haven't had any problems.


I really feel like this is the one site were i can losen up and ask Qs that i wouldn't ask of my friends and family lol.


Hope things work out every well with this guy


Oh and i never really introduced myself.


Hello my real name vladimir i'm called vlad for short lol, and i'm from an island off of BC, Canada not gonna say which at the moment.

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my name is kara

i dunno

i been on this topic

why did you cheat? or soemthing

im sayign a lot of you know fair balanced open minded opinions...i think so

and mostly evryoens like aaaah cheaters burn them and totally shooting me down on what i have to say though i know im totally validated

so hmm

theyl just have to put up withme or something lol

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I've been going through an online experience for the last year with a girl, but I don't think it'll turn out like I've been hoping it would... See, back when I was in grade school, there was this girl in my class that I fell for hard. I was crazy about her for years, but too shy to let on; in about the 5th grade, she became an "item" with this other boy in my class, some one who I happened to be friends with. They were together for, like, two years, but fizzled out towards the end of the 6th grade. Around that time, some of my other friends let on to her that I had a thing for her, and surprisingly, she seemed tickled by the idea. Even though I remained mostly shy, her and I had some cute moments together that year, but she had to transfer schools after that, and I never saw her again. Totally broke my heart.


Almost exactly a year ago, by pure dumb luck, I found her MySpace page. I wrote to her, and surprisingly, she seemed happy to hear from me. We wrote back and forth for a few months, and silly as this sounds, my feelings for her started bubbling right back up again. Of course, at the time, I had to hold back, because she was in a relationship that she seemed fairly serious about. During the summer, they suddenly broke up, and that caught me by surprise. My messages to her started getting pretty dopey, and she started writing back less and less...


Back in January, it seemed she was willing to write to me, again, but that ended up being short-lived. About two weeks ago, I wrote her a big, "all or nothing" message; I put everything out there, I acknowledged that I had a thing for her when we were kids and I admitted that I'm just curious to see if there'd still be anything there now between us, I told her I was aware that I was being kinda weird on MySpace with her and that that was just because I'm bad at this "online" stuff and that it makes things more complicated than it needs to be, I peppered in some humor to take to sort of soften the blow, and I ended it by basically asking her out. Almost two weeks, and I still haven't heard anything back from her.


It's really rough on me, right now... I mean, this is a girl that's been in the back of my mind for nearly 15 years; that's 3/4 of my entire life! As pathetic as it sounds, considering that this door is apparently closed now, I still can't stop hoping that maybe this isn't the end, that maybe there's still some hope, maybe she'll still write back eventually, maybe some day we'll run into each other and I'll get yet another chance, etc. It's just so hard to get her out of my mind and really "get over" her, yanno? It's even worse because she's been single for so long, I can't imagine she'll have a hard time finding some one... Heck, a month ago, she added a little blurb on her MySpace talking about how she wishes she could a really great guy, some one who could really care about her, put a smile on her face, etc., and here I am going "HELLO! I could probably do those things if you would give me the chance!". Pathetic, isn't it? Heh...

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ok so you had a thing togetehr years ago in school

but yous are both grown up now huh

i understand where your coming from...having soemone in your mind for such a long time

especially without the contact

leaves a lot of room for wishful thinking

so the reuniting online brought back all those feelinsg right to the surface again

and the way your making out its as if she snot interested

or she could be holding back

shes obvioulsy looking for someone

you made your advancement bt she blew you off bascially

but i dnt always believe that when someone blows you off thats there full intention

you never knew she might be considering you

and since she hasnt got back to you,yeah your agonising over her

but why not put that enrgy into a gesture

i say dng give up on hope until the doors been slammed on your face a few times

but im an optimistic

not realistic or pessimistic

althought a bit realistic

but there could be some chance

just cos she blew you off firts time

some times people act that way....for whatever reasons

maybe approach her in a cool toned down way

ok it lookes liek she knocked you back when you gave her the all or nothing thing

but no harm in trying again

at least ou know you gave it another shot

and by some luck she might actually be interested

its all about taking risks

put yourself out there

wherer your vulnerable

else youl never know otherwise what could be

either that or you forgoet about her and move on

but you dont want that really

you want her

so another shot

dnt build up your expectations

take whatevr comes your way

and whatever happens its meant to be

and either way what you decide to do your stil gonna go throught the getting over her painfully thing

and move on with her or with someelse you may find eventually

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Heh, yeah, I'd like to believe I could still make something out of this, but at what point do I draw the line? I don't want to come off as some clingy creep. I didn't mention this before, but last summer, I had asked her about meeting up (in a lighter, more casual way), and she didn't respond to that message, either. One thing that just popped in my mind is, I wonder if I could turn this whole "her not responding to my messages" into a playful, flirty little game; yanno, with a message similar to this: "yanno you can dodge me all ya want, but i'm too persistent to give up that easy. besides, you and i both know i'll probably just wait a few months and ask you again I know, I know, sounds like a bit much, but don't girls usually respond better to flirtation? I dunno, part of me wants to do something like that, part of me worries that it'd make me look even worse in her eyes than I do right now.

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