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This is so frustrating...


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I'm a seventeen year old girl, and I was hired about five months ago. At first everything seemed fine and I got along with pretty much everyone and they seemed to like me. All was well for a while, but then as the months went on it seemed like things got worse and people started to dislike me. I haven't done anything wrong and i've been going out of my way cleaning things and organizing--stuff they didn't ask me to do, but I felt like I would try to make a better impression on them.


Well they promised me I would be a waitress after three months passed, but it never happened. I stayed with my low-paid cashiering job and just had to deal with it. Then my friend who had been hired just a week before me was bumped up to waitressing, which was okay. She got hired first and all, but still on my schedule there were no hopes of me ever getting a promotion. I wasn't mad at my friend, but I was mad that I still wasn't going anywhere no matter how hard I tried. And not only that, but people were being really rude to me. The cooks there would shun me and not look me in the eye and were just really rude, and they treated everyone else pretty well (meaning they smiled and were really friendly, even conversed with them). I tried to make conversation with them, but they didn't want to talk to me and only answered with a yes or a no.


I was starting to feel less and less welcomed, and then just to make it more miserable some of the people working there started writing mean things on my cup (all of us have a cup and that's where we put tips, well I had one even though being a cashier you get little to no tips). They kept writing mean things, and so I threw my first cup away, and then on my second one they stabbed it and wrote: "We all hate you" on it. I didn't feel too happy about that. I tried not to let it bug me but inside I was like, breaking.


Because I had a pretty good idea who it was. There's this girl that's hated me from the start and has treated me really poorly. She always gives me dirty looks and is just really mean. A lot of the other girls have been pretty rude too (not all of them, some of them were nice). I didn't even do anything to them, and they hated my guts (which is why they wrote that on my cup, obviously). The only rude thing I did was talk back to the girl (the one who I think wrote on my cup) when she TOLD me to do something. TOLD me to do it, wasn't nice wasn't polite, she ordered me to do it and I got in her face about it. I wasn't about to be ordered around by some stuck-up snob.


Anyways, so I was miserable every time I went to work and although I tried to keep my work from slipping, I guess my attitude was starting to go downhill a little bit. I smiled at the customers and was friendly, but that was it. I just tried to focus on my job. But just a couple days ago I was eating up front (and you're not supposed to do it, but I didn't care. I was really hungry) and one of my coworkers told me I wasn't supposed to. Well we were friends and so I just told her, "Well I don't really care... There's a new manager here anyways so it doesn't matter." Bad thing to say, I know.


Well she ended up telling one of the cooks what I said (totally not what I was expecting) and the cook called me up on the phone and when I answered it he threw a fit. He started screaming and cussing, "I heard what you said, that's bull * * * * lalalala" and he wouldn't even let me get a word in! I just stood there while he screamed at me and I had customers standing right there. They couldn't hear what he said but they could definitely see me tearing up. Then he hung up on me, and I had to turn to them without crying and assist them. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.


I know it was my fault that I was eating up front, and I shouldn't have done it. And I especially shouldn't have said what I said to my coworker. I didn't think it would spiral into this... Anyways, I was sent home by the new manager who told me he thought I had an attitude and that the cook was peeved at me. I didn't know if I was fired, he hadn't made it clear, so a couple days after I went in and found out that I was fired. But they hadn't called or anything, and when I asked the owner was just really rude. I was treated like the biggest scum on the earth, and it was really really hard.


I had came in originally to apologize to the owner and tell him it was my fault that I did that, and I wouldn't ever do it again. But all he said was that because of this, he couldn't trust me anymore and that he couldn't have someone like me work for him. Ugh, I felt sooo soo embarrased about everything. It was the worst two days of my life.


I guess I just needed a second opinion and this forum looked like a nice place to talk to other people, and I see people have had similar situations happening to them, so I just wanted to see what all of you thought about what happened. I know what I did was wrong, but I don't think it was worth me getting fired over. It wasn't like I was stealing from the cash register, cause I would never do that.

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It is weird that everyone treated you so badly. Kinda reminds me of high school, where there is the "in" crowd and some of the people in the "out" crowd are basically treated as if they don't even exist. I'm not saying it's your fault that they treated you like this, but if you have some sort of quality that strikes the wrong chord with people, it will carry with you no matter where you go. Have you ever experienced such ostracism in other situations? Maybe you should ask some close friends or family members to be honest with you... if there is something you do that you are unaware of that results in people being rude to you.


You can look on the bright side of this. At least you don't have to work in that terrible atmosphere anymore. Maybe you should consider applying for some other type of job next time.


You know what you did was wrong in this situation.. nothing more you can do now but to learn from it. I've had times at work where someone else was wrong about how they were treating me and it would have felt good to stand up and let them know I wouldn't take it... but then I might not have a job after that. Gotta use that filter in your head even when you really don't want to.

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well they are being childish and it's a shame that they spend there time talking crap and writing on a friggin cup!

people just feel the need to hate b/c they are unhappy so just brush it off as a bunch of people who will spend the rest of there life flippin food and taking order's.

let them be miserable and try to spread it around but don't get caught up in it

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I got fired from my job of over 2 year's b/c I was not gonna take crap from a guy who flipped burger's for a living and he didn't like the fact that if he was rude to me I was gonna be just as rude back to him.

but in 3 years i'll be making 3 times as much money as him and i'll stop by to see how he is doing and maybe i'll order a burger!

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