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How to tell family & boyfriend about depression...

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I hope you've since had better luck telling your boyfriend, but never downplay it. Saying im feeling sad or down underexaggerates how you feel. You have depression. It is not the same as being depressed. People get depressed when it rains or when they fail a math exam. People get depression for medical reasons and need help.


Have you read a book called Living with a Black Dog? It is a fantasitc book that helped me and my family and boyfriend alot and presents depression in a very non confronting way.


It shows depression as having a black dog sitting on your chest, following you, involving itself in every aspect of your life. IT gives tips on how to deal, and symptoms and has alot of illustrations, which i felt showed how i felt. I found i couldnt tell my loved ones how i felt unmotivated and sad all the time, but the book presented it in a way that made him understand. It also has a section for carers and family, giving tips on how to help, and answers alot of questions my boyfriend (who was my main carer) had.


I hope this helps.


Best wishes

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Lost I don't really have advice on your situation but I just want you to know you're not alone as I deal with depression sometimes daily and nobody knows.


My friend noted one time that I get depressed too quickly about things, to which I agreed. But that's really as far as anyone has noticed.

I admit I am afraid to tell them, judgment, I hate people judging me...and I'm afraid of what they'll say or do. I like to hang out with my friend's...they make me forget my problems and I'm happy around them.

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Lost - please do not be afraid or ashamed! This is not your fault! You may have an imbalance in your brain that will respond to medication - the key is finding the right one. My best friends wife has suffered from depression for years and she tried 5 different medications, before finding one that works! It has changedd her life!


You are right when you say that you need support! If your boyfriend truly loves you ( I'm sure he does ) this will not matter to him in regards to how he feels about you! If the tables were reversed, wouldn't you want to help him? If he cares about you he will want to be there for you and he will support you through this! You DO NOT and should not have to face this alone! Please find the strength to reach out so you can begin to feel better! Talking and receiving re-assurance from those that love you can be helpful! Best of luck to you!

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Lost- I just read the rest of this thread ( guess I should have before responding ) and I'm so sorry for you! You're boyfriend should respect and want to help you with what you are going through! He is suppossed to be closer to you than anyone else in your life! I hope that he reconsiders his stance and I hope you have not given up on trying to find a medication that may help with this! Therapy/counseling is also very helpful! I'm going through a great deal myself right now and I understand how tough this can be! You are not alone and there are people that care! I hope you find a solution and that you start feeling better! Do NOT give up!

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