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i need some female advice...please ease my mind


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i recently broke up with a girl i had been living with for the past three years. our relationship was good at the start but we started to drift apart. Both of us knew this but we were too afraid to break up because it was too convenient to stay together. the other problem was that we worked together which you can most probably understand caused things to strain a lot more.

Well anyway about six months ago a new girl started at my work and we both immediately clicked. It was only friendly banter but i had this sense that i really liked this girl. Nothing ever physical or anyting happened between us.

A few days after my girlfriend and I broke up this other girl and i got together and we both revealed to each other how much we had liked each other for a long time. We saw each other for about a week until she got pulled aside by my ex-girlfriend at work. My ex told her that she was the cause of us braking up and that i only saw her as a bit of a good time.

I think this really rattled this other girl because she won't speak to me since.

I am really worried because i do believe that I really love this other girl and I think she may feel the same way about me. I sometimes think that she is just a little confused at the moment and that us why she wont speak to me.

I really want to make things work between us but i don't know how to go about it. Can any females out there help me with what she is thinking at the moment, does she still have feelings for me and what can I do to make things work between us?

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Hi Jonson,


First of all, thank you for coming to eNotalone.com with your questions for advice. I hope you don't mind me (a male) responding to your posting. I might have some insight for you, as well.


You are wondering what happened with her, because you are confused over the situation, which is very understandable. My suggestion is, though, that you talk to her and ask her what happened. I advice you to ask her to be totally open to you and tell you what is on her mind. The best way to make her feel comfortable to open up to you, is to say: "I think that honesty and being open is one of the most important things in life". I hope that will put her mind at ease.


After she told you what happened and how she feels, it might be a good idea to tell her that you would rather focus on her and you being together. Tell her that there are feelings indeed between the two of you and that the past doesn't stop you from what you feel from her. Hopefully she will understand and come around to work with you.


I hope this helped you and I wish you good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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