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We are drifting and I dont know why


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alright so here goes. My girlfriend and i have been together for about 3 months. And man were they great. we hit it off soo well together and we just got along soo well together. but this past week and a half we really just drifted. completely out of no where, we barely are able to hold a conversation now. so ive been wanting to talk to her but today she text me and said "you should call me i think we should talk" so i immediately knew that she wanted to talk about how we werent doing so great anymore. So i called her and we talked about how we have drifted and how it came so randomly. and she wanted to break up but then by the end of the talk we decided to give it another chance. now heres where it kind of gets tricky. my reason that we werent close is taht i thought she was un attracted to me so i couldnt act as a real boyfriend to her. so i was acting distant to her cause i didnt really know what else to do. so now that i know that she wasnt just trying to get rid of me i think i can be ok with everything. but for some reason she thinks taht now that i know how she feels about the problem that its going to be hard to try and get things abck to normal.

any thoughts?

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If things were going so great for the first three months, why would you outta no where start thinking that she wasn't attracted to you? I know from experience that alot of woman are more atrracted to a mans personality than they are just there pyhiscal outward appearance! You need to get back to the mindset that you had in the beginning and try to stop worrying about whether or not she is attracted to you! Obviously she must really dig you for her to invest three months of her life and free time into yours!

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