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The world is so cold and predictable


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Jimi wondered if he was just as human as everyone else. He was what the other humans called a social outcast, but he did not believe in those draconian labels they felt compelled to use against him. He didn't play football and he didn't get smoked up to forget the world, which he didn't understand because it seemed more like a cowardly excuse to him. Instead he spent most of his time listening to Marilyn Manson records and contemplating on how to save the world.


He knew that saving the world would be impossible when the world didn't want to be saved. He knew that he had such little influence that when he spoke he was barely heard. Jimi cried about this because the more he spoke up, the crazier everyone made him feel. Still he felt he was destined to be something great. Like the amazing Vincent Van Gogh or the brilliant Albert Einstein. This what raced through his mind daily.


As he was strapping on his shoes he felt a wave of depression trickling through his entire body as if someone had just injected it into his veins with a needle. He was headed down to the local diner to see the only person who ever made him forget about the messy world he lived in. Katie was the most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes upon. She had long, shiny light brown hair that perfectly curled in all the right places and soft, pretty green eyes. She only speaks to him to ask for his order, but she had the most wonderful voice that he would play back in his head for hours.


It was a very small diner that hardly ever got many customers besides a few regulars, so she wasn't ever busy. Jimi would listen to Katie talk to Megan about school and so many other things that he wanted to join in on their conversation but he was so scared of being uninteresting to her. It was part of his daily routine to try to start a good talk with her but instead he moped over his coffee and wondered why he couldn't be more successful in this cold predictable world.

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