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need advice...HELP PLEASE!!!

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ladies and gents,


i am new here and i have been lurking around reading stuff. however i finally decided to register and ask for some help. because i desperately need some.


so obviously there is a girl i am supremely infatuated with (girl A). i met her through a mutual friend (girl B), and the mutual friend i met through another friend (girl C). now B, C and i all went to school together. and my idiot brother told C i was two years younger than i was. i have no idea why he did that!! i went off on him once i found this out. but sort of to protect my brother's dignity/honour i went along with it and told B and C i was two years younger than i actually was. at that time, i had not met A yet. now A and B are very good friends and i met A through B. so to carry on this lie, i HAD to tell A i was two years younger. also when i met her, she was with someone and i did not know her well enough. but she is single now and during the course of time, i have fallen for her very hard. but she thinks i am too young for her!!! i have just recently told her i have feelings for her, about 3-4 months ago. she is still confused/scared i am assuming because of her breakup. one of the reasons she thinks i am not a good future husband material is that i am too young!! i am only a year and a half younger than her in reality. i have gathered supreme strength and decided to tell her the truth. but she says she cannot see me until this weekend because she is very busy. and i am so scared. i have this picture in my mind where she just slaps me and never talks to me again. i really don't want to hurt her like that. i am so afraid i will lose her.


i need some help on how i can revive this situation or how i can present it so that she will not kill me. please guys, i need some serious help. she is a really nice girl, and i don't want to be that a-hole who killed her trust just when she was getting back on track from her last break up. i know it's a lie, but just a small one. it's still a lie, i am not trying to justify it. i am afraid that when i tell her, she will think everything i have said so far is a lie. and i am not a liar. i am not. everything i have told her has come directly from my heart.



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Hi and welcome to enotalone.


My advice is this: When you tell her, if you make it seem like a HUGE deal she is going to perceive it that way.



one of the reasons she thinks i am not a good future husband material is that i am too young!! i am only a year and a half younger than her in reality.


Whereas if you mention more of "as a matter a fact I have good news for you, I'm not too young for you".... I think it will go over better


Then let her know that it was a lie that your brother started that you just played into and didn't know how to get out of- and at the time you didn't know she would be single and you'd end up having feelings for her.


It was wrong, and sort of silly that you lied. But if you approach it very dramatically and make it into a big deal ("I need to talk to you about something, please don't kill me"), it will go over worse and I think you will set yourself up for failure. Approach it light, not heavy, if that makes any sense.


Good luck,



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