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It works my friends. Believe in the process. She INITIATED a Happy New Year.


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Our last contact was Monday night (around 8:00pm) on the phone. All that was said was good night/sweet dreams.


Okay, so the new and improved (lean 182.8 pound machine - 37 pound loss so far) me who has exercised more willpower and patience in the last almost 5 weeks than I have in my entire adolescent and adult life I suppose, decided to do NOTHING this time around. NO happy new year. I have a woman who is receptive to my contact, YET, my my head told me not to do it even though it would be OKAY to do. Just OKAY is not what I'm trying to achieve.


So, late tonight I gave up on the notion that this strange creature (my ex) would be doing anything. Well, what I did think was that she was 100% expecting and in a sense, waiting for me to be predictable. Well, she figured me wrong and when she realized that I wasn't going to do it, she made the EFFORT ON HER OWN VOLITION.


Now, it wasn't anything GRAND or SPECTACULAR, but it was her thinking about me shortly before 1:00am. This was the text, which consisted of 3 words: "Happy New Year! xoxo".


I'm proud of myself. I'm not playing games this time. I'm valuing myself more and it is forcing her to value me more also. I've been making a stand and I'm not backing down this time around.


Okay, I'm waiting for your praise guys (joke).


Happy New Year (Hope it was a good one for ALL of YOU).

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That is so cool that you're getting the picture on how to proceed. I hope all of your dreams come true in 2009!


Thanks! It made me feel good. I'm even thinking about not replying for a day or so. You know, it feels good to know that she celebrated her New Years with others, yet, took the time to wish me a Happy New Year, even though she had plenty of company. It goes to show that she was thinking about me.


Well, I'm off to bed.


Stay strong people and believe in yourselves!

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