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boyfriend's ex


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i've been with my bf for over two years. we have a good relationship but some things are just off. every now and then he mentions his ex. he loved her not like anyone else,and much more than me. she left him heart broken. that was very long time ago,but i can't help myself thinking he still feels something for her. i started thinking how he will never love me for real,how he's with me but his heart is with her. he told me he searched for her on facebook,looked at her almost nude pictures,and he felt jealous on her having many male friends.

why is he telling me this? i've already told him long ago i don't wanna hear about it,but he still talks about her, and he accused me for being annoying and jealous. i thought he did it to make me jealous,but i think i was wrong. can anyone tell me why this is happening and what should i do? guy's opininons would be helpful also.

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uhghhhh!! the exes! They are only trouble. He's very disrespectful and obviousy doesn't care how that affects you. Even though it's been two years, I dont think he's over her if he keeps looking for info about her. I don't think you can do much here - it's his feelings and you can't control that. The most you can do is tell him how you feel and "study" his reaction. If he continues, ask yourself if can put up with it or not, then decide what's best for you. Good luck!

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It sounds like you are wanting a love relationship and not a just for now deal. He is a just for now deal. He has an image of her that defies reality. You can't compete...worse, neither could she! He is in his own head and hardly recognizes you.


I'd say move on....you deserve to be #1.

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