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i am a big mess all day every day because of the word love. in june me and my boyfriend of 3 years broke up, i loved him and still do. we tryed to be friends but its hard and we still try sometimes. he has not called in the last month . he was dating this girl after me and said "i love you" to her! i was and still am a mess, i count believe he did that already, and then he called and told me he broke up with her the day he told her i love you, he just could not handle being in a relationship because his life is a mess. but the i love you thing hurts soo much, i crumble everyday thinking about how i lost him, even though i know he was not good for me.

But this is not even my big problem i too am dating someone new we have been together for 4 months, and hes sweet. since i heard that my ex said i love you to his new girl, all i want is my new boyfriend to say it to me, and i feel like im always trying to pry it out of him, i dont even know if i love him or not! but im just so upset about it i need the comfort of someone loving me. its become an obsession almost. i dont even know if i should be in a relationship but i really like this guy and more then that i really like to be with someone. how do i deal with this stress, how do i forget about my first love and stop caring about what he dose and move on??


and on top of all this i dont even know if my new boyfriend likes me i get a vibe he just with me for fun, but that could be because i think about the love thing too much.... what can i do to stop thinking so much, i just want to be happy!

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You have a need to feel loved, and for some reason those words are very important to you. But the actions behind the words are just as important. Your ex-boyfriend said that he loved you - yet, broke up. He told the new girlfriend that he loved her -- and broke up the same day. So you can see how words without actions really don't mean too much. So don't get too hung up on the words. Does your new boyfriend treat you as though he loves you? If not, tell him goodbye because that's important to you. If he does treat you as though he loves you, then enjoy how he treats you. Eventually, he'll say those words. He may be the opposite of your old boyfriend, in that he DOESN'T use those words lightly. That is better than using them without much meaning. Love yourself more -- and you won't have to count on someone else doing the loving for you.

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