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Gettin back together


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Fixing something that is broken is the hardest thing to do, they say you cannot un-scramble an egg. the good news though is when it is scrambled it is still good.


i have read many stories here from people that have many questions and my advice is to always start by looking in the mirror. when in a relationship you have to take ownership of what you have done, of your part in it.


i have seen too many people want to place blame, to point the finger. that is not good and will never work. learn to forgive, to trust, to communicate and listen. be willing to change and grow with your partner. as they should be willing to do the same. do not give yourself up, but become a better person. understand there point of view, listen to it.


if you are not together something obviosly went wrong. do not be afraid to find out what it is, and be willing to change and fix it. any relationship is work, be willing to work.


work on yourself first and get yourself right, after you are right, try again, but always be willing to work together to make something better. be willing to share your entire life with them, become an open book. trust them to help even with the things you may want to hide. for it to work, they need to know all of you.


too many of us let the crap get in the way, let it become obstacles, build walls. stop now, right now, they only cause pain. let go of all anger, ther is no place where love and anger can exsist together.


open your world up to all possibilities, communication, trust, foregiveness, a willingness to become a better person, and a willingness to work with the one you love will lead you down the right path.


if you love somebody it is worth all the work, and will bring you a lifetime of joy. love is worth it, believe in love. i know i do, and maybe some day my work will pay off.i have read a post by kevinny called succes in getting back together. very inspirational, it can happen, good luck

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