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pms symptoms or pmdd? Can anyone relate?


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I've noticed that within the last year, the few days before my period begins, (or the first few days of my period as well) there is a pretty dramatic change in me emotionally and psychologically. It never really used to affect me this way. I have looked at some of the symptoms for pms as well as pmdd and i'm wondering if this is pmdd..i don't know.


I do deal with depression on and off, so i don't know if this is part of it as well, but it always seems more intense when i'm on my period. I feel a lot more anxiety, and i usually feel the need to go and lay down for a while when it happens. My thoughts are also kind of irrational when i feel this way. It's like my mind becomes filled with frightening thoughts or past memories that used to scare me. I'm feeling it as i type this right now, but this is just the beginning - it may be a bit worst tomorrow. Can anyone else relate to this?





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I can relate with slightly different symptoms. My anxiety ramps up tremendously, I get insomnia, I can fill up with adrenaline and feel like everyone else can go to hell. I've nearly lost my job a few times because I seem to lose some inhibitions and say things I normally would not say, comments on management, gossip, etc. I haven't completely been able to manage it, but I use Bach remedies, passionflower, hops, or valerian tea.


Might be PMDD, might just be severe PMS. PMDD does seem to affiliate with other disorders like depression and GAD from what I've been told. I think mine is PMDD but I don't have a GYN that I trust so I've never asked.

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I also suffer from some pretty horrid symptoms before and during my period:




-depression [ to the point of suicidal thoughts ]



-also some strange symptom that...well, when I look in the mirror, I often have difficulty recognizing myself. I look...different. Both in my body and my face. It's so weird but I've gotten used to it.


And I find that with age [ and also birth control pills ] the symptoms have intensified.

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