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Just had anal sex for the first time . . .


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He used a condomn with lube and tested with his finger. The finger didn't bother me at all but when he put his penis in (slowly) it burned like hell! I had to stop him cuz it hurt so badly. Then after a couple of seconds we decided to give it another shot . . . the 2nd time I guess I was more relaxed so it didn't hurt so bad. Once it went completely in it actually felt really good. The problem is after we did it I started bleeding . . . not alot but still there was blood. Now when I go to the bathroom it burns. Is this normal for the first time? were we being too rough??

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"Aside from the traumatic and infectious risks, there is the risk of sphincter tone (tightness) loss over time due to repeated dilation for insertive intercourse. Many receptive partners experience stool incontinence (leaking of stool or poor control) when they have anal sphincter tone decrease. This, needless to say, is very bothersome and uncomfortable and has to be surgically corrected if it becomes chronic."


I know a lot of people really enjoy it, but just be careful and maybe make it just an occasional thing if you want to keep doing it.

If not then don't feel guilty about 'depriving' your partner or anything..the vagina should be plenty good enough! (assuming your female here)

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