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I Miss Being Me


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I don’t know what I feel anymore, I don’t know what I should feel. A lack of feeling is never a good thing is it? It’s funny because I love, hate and feel numb all at the same time. Everyday things that used to make me happy just have no meaning anymore, and I seem to drift from day to day without really having any rhyme or reason.


How long will this last? We’ve been apart for 5 months now, and I still think about her everyday. A friend is always making remarks about her, but he doesn’t need to, because she’s inmy thoughts most of the time. I feel like a fool, like I was taken for a ride and just didn’t see it coming until it was too late/


People always take so much, and give so little. I love to listen, to try to help if I can, but I never get anything in return. No one, not even my mum, ever asks me how I am and means it. I just feel really down, stuck in a rut, and just wish I could up sticks and move somewhere where no one knows me and start again.


I miss being in love, I miss everything that goes with it, I miss being me.



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A friend once told me that the reason why some single people feel empty, sad, and alone is not really because they are still in love with the person but rather they are in love with the feeling of being in-love. let's face it. it really feels great to have someone who makes you feel important...a significant other with whom you share your joys and sorrows.


we miss the feeling of being in a relationship...of being in love. perhaps the best way to somehow lessen the sadness is acknowledge the fact that you complete you. we should be responsible for our own happiness. it's hard, but we'll get by...^__^

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