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Here goes another one.


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I started chatting to another guy online and it turns out that he lives down the street from me and knows a lot of my friends and goes to the same places that I go to. It is odd that we have never been introduced to eachother in real life, but I guess we were both in relationships, so we never noticed eachother before.

Life is funny like that. I will probably meet him in person tonight. I do not want to get too excited, but I am.

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Well, we are IMing right now and we are both going to the same place tonight with our friends, so it will not be an actual date...just a meeting. Even if there is no "spark" it will be great fun for all. It just feels right. I can say what I want. I don't have to censor or walk on eggshells or anything.

This does not happen with too many people that I meet.

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The only problem is that there is too much overlap in our social circles, so he may find out stuff about me that is rather personal. I just found out from another guy that he went out on a date with a woman last week who then went on a date with my friend. It is all too close for comfort, but I will just go and have fun.

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