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Sore head, from exercise?

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I've been visiting the weight gym in the morning recently, and a few days ago I was there doing chin-ups. I've steadily increased the amount I can do, but this partiucular time I was struggling, and while really trying to push it I think I significantly hurt my head. No, not my neck - the back of my head. To give you an idea of what the pain is like, it's like that feeling you sometimes get when you turn your neck quickly and you get that sudden, hard pain.


I hadn't drank or eaten before this morning session, which was the only unusual factor I can really think of.


The pain lasted for about 20 minutes (I couldn't do much more afterwards) and seemed to be slightly relieved from having a drink of water.


The next morning when I awoke, I had a similar pain/stiffness in my neck at first. It was quite bad, at first, but then after about 20 minutes, including a shower, it seemed to be pretty much gone. The pain also returned the next morning, but to a much lesser extent.


I wouldn't be concerned with it if that was the end of it, but I am still getting this pain while I work out in any form (for example, push ups)

How concerned should I be?

Has anybody had experience with this?

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A lot of times when people are doing pull ups or chin ups they tend to do "bursts" of flexing their upper muscle including your jaw, which in turns pushes pressure on the lower "softer" part head/neck.. You could have pulled it or just torn it a little bit. Get a wifey / gf / bf or something to massage it, take some Advil liquid gels, then ice it off and on 20 minute separations ( give a little break in between changes ) and if it's not better before... Tuesday comes then you should probably see a massage therapist, and if still no luck a Chiropractor.

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