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Therapy - after the ship has sailed?

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Occasionally I've toyed with the idea of seeing a therapist. Not because I expect to be somehow "fixed" and be able to finally have a relationship; talking to someone can't fix my face, after all, and now there's so much more than just that standing in my way. But sometimes I wonder if therapy could at least help me find a way to cope better with the periodic depression and "rotting/dying inside" feelings that result from my enforced emotional and physical isolation. However, I have deep misgivings about the prognosis of any such effort, in addition to the certainty that it would cost me a ton of cash, which is why I've avoided it so far.


So, what do you think? Can talking to a professional help someone like me (a mid-40's virgin guy who hasn't had even casual/friendly physical contact with the feminine gender for a few decades now and who can barely speak to women anymore) to deal with my life as it exists now and must remain, as opposed to merely trying to push me into useless attempts to change what cannot be changed? Or would I just end up with a person who drains my savings account while trying to talk me into pursuing wholly unrealistic goals?

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I think therapy will be great for you! Your therapist can help you address all life issues. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


You mention being a 40-year old virgin. So I'm assuming that must be of importance to you, an issue you'd like to address. A therapist can definitely help you in that area as well.

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