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Is She Gone Forever??????????

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Recently my gf of a year and a half broke up with me citing she was not in love with me, and that she needs time to work on herself. She had to give up everything to move out here with me. However, she still wants to be best friends, roommates, and we still talk on everyday from work. She sends mixed signals. We have decided to take this week apart her going to be with her family, I with my best friend from college. She didn't want me to get on my plane, and told me to kiss lots of girls. However, the next words out of her mouth were "be good". She kissed me on the forehead for a few seconds and watched me go thru the security check point. Now i haven't talked to her since. I want her to be the one who calls. I even went out last night and saw an ex who wants to hang out and a new chick who wants to get together, but they are not her. I hate saying that, but that is truly what I was thinking. I want her to miss me this week, and I want to get back together. But in the meantime, am I reading too much into her actions? Or is there hope? I am lost..


I would appreciate any advice ..


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Hello Rooster and welcome to eNotalone,


Yours is a difficult situation. Ordinarily I would give you the no contact speech and suggest she get some space to think about things. However I am puzzled by the living situation and the fact that she is still opening up to you and sleeping in the same bed.


Perhaps she just wants you to ease up on her a bit and not pressure her. Would she agree to go to some relationship counseling with you? It doesn't sound like she has truly broken up with you. She is just questioning some things in her life. Maybe she is even depressed. But I think maybe a counselor is the way to go.


In the meantime, just make her feel loved, safe, and supported. Do NOT pressure her or that will most certainly drive a deep wedge between you two. She is opening up and talking and thats a HUGE sign that this relationship could be salvagable. This only happened a couple of nights ago so I'd give it more time before making any rash decisions.


I hope this helps you. And good luck with things.



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