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pregnancy symptoms?????


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hi..me and my bf were alittle uncareful with sex this last two three weeks we had unprotected sex but he never actually came inside of me

what are the chances of becoming pregnant from that?

i dont have much symptoms of being pregnant but i just feeling like i am...i have one other child.....can this be a symptom or am i just worried?

if anyone could plz help me it would be helpful

i have to find out early in the pregnancy because i am on meds that are bad for pregnancy

or if anyone could just give me some really early signs


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If you are sure he didn't ejaculate inside you, there is still a very slight chance of becoming pregnant. There can be a few sperm contained in the pre-ejaculatory fluid. All it takes of course is a single one to cause pregnancy. Are you 100% sure he didn't?


The odds are against it, but there is a chance. If there is a serious health risk to do with your meds if you are pregnant, then speak to a doctor right away if the have even the slightest reason at all to suspect you might have conceived. Don't take a risk with your health.


I shouldn't need to suggest you use some form of birth control from now on, right?


I hope it works out okay for you.

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It's not full of sperm as such, it's not the male body's intent for it to be that way. In fact, this fluid is specifically generated to flush any traces of acidity of of his body which kills sperm. This fluid is not generated in the same place seminal fluid is. Even though it's not intended to carry any sperm, it can have trace quantities in from earlier ejaculations, even days previous. There is also a chance some may leak in from elsewhere, all that it is a relatively long distance.

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