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My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for nine months, he did the breaking up. He called me alot right after and finally I told him that he couldn't call anymore. A month or two later his friend told me he wanted to call me, and I gave in and said yes. Now he calls me every week. Yet we haven't seen eachother, except for a couple of run ins on the street and at a club. Finally I asked him why we haven't gone out, and he said that he wanted it to be my call. I have been away on vacation and he said when I return he'll call and we'll plan something. Should I do it or should I prevent my heart from hurting again and ask him to stay away.


Just a little history we were together for over three years and also lived together for a year. We broke up because he wanted to date other people and thought that i had become needy. Whether this is true or not I don't know.

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I dont know wat to tell you but i think its kind of strange for him to call you so much. It seems as if he really wants to get back with you but hasnt asked u yet. I think you should give it another try with him since both of you are talking weekly to each other on the phone. Give him that chance and see what happens but prepare yourself to not seriously give in as it could hurt you again.

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with him calling so much has he had time to see other people? sorry im just saying, will he decide to turn around and want to go off again, you need to secure your heart before diving back in. it seems that you want to go out since you made a remark on it, and hes saying its your call.

but the atatchement for you will be there from the start, it may be one of those start when we left off, you DONT want that. it went wrong the first time and if you jump back in make sure its right this time.


if you feel he's worth it, then go for it, but this is your call. you were together along time.

how did it feel when you were with him? are you over him and just hoping to be with someone?


look at all areas, before either of you get hurt AGAIN.


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