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???What Should I Do???

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ok me and this guy have been on one date and we don't really know each other that well yet and he wants me to go somewhere with him and some of his friends..I don't really want to go cuz I don't really know him all that well or his friends..and I don't know what I should do...tell him that I can't go or just go with him, but I would rather get to know him better before I go somewhere with him and his friends..Soo what should I do?!?

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you should tell him how you feel, tell him that you would'nt feel comfortable in a crowd of people that you dont know and you would rather just be alone with him. he should be ok with that.

Maybe he wants to be with his friends too because he is too shy to be alone with just you, but that depends of the kind of person he is i suppose

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There is three important pieces of information you left out:

1) ages of you and him

2) Type of place ( secluded or not)

3) Who is going in the vehicle you are going in


You should never feel uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, then you should not go. I agree you should get to know somebody before you go anywhere you might get yourself into trouble. If you do not feel safe then do not go. Your safety is more important than any guy. Until you feel safe, go only to public places and never with more than just him in the car you are riding in. Your safety should be your priority, nothing else.

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You don't feel comfortable going, so don't. However, I wouldn't tell him that. It may give the impression that you are uncomfortable with him, not just the situation. Tell him that you have prior plans or something. There is no need for a long explination.


BTW, it is a good sign that he wants you to meet his friends.

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