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girls advice...not aggressive enough?

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This girl and i liked eachother for a while and we became pretty good friends but nothing happened beween us. I still like her but i think she likes another guy. i think its possible that she still kind of likes me but maybe she got impatient with me because im shy, she still flirts w/me sometimes, so what should i do to be more aggressive?

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Hi and welcome to enotalone.com.


I think you should do more if you want her to like you. I would be quite bored and impatient if a guy I think could be a potiential bf, don't really take any actions.


So, I guess you should ask her out sometimes. Ask her out for a movie or for lunchor etc. Talk to her about more personal things and send hints over to her Then when things are more stable, you could give her a single rose.


Hope this helped.Good luck!

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thats some good advice,

and when saying should you be more aggressive, it might not be that but to be more forward in some sense. as youve said you like her and you believe that she likes you then your open to being a little bit more forward. you need to let her know that you do like her and that your willing to show her this.


i'd get bored and impaciant if i was to wait around for even someone i liked, they showed signs but didnt participate in helping the whole thing get together.


still let her know, and subtle things as roses as said make a big impact into displaying affection.


good luck.


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If you dont act she will go for someone else. Just tell your self that you will ask her out next time you see her. That is the best way for you to get over it. Take risks. I know where your coming from but I have some what got over it but not all of the time. It will get easyer over time and expercnce. Good Luck on asking her out, and keep us updated.

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Well, it gets sticky, frankly.


For one, a lot of girls are brought up by their moms that it's "proper" for the girl to wait for the guy to do the asking - they can encourage, put out signals... but are supposed to wait for the guy to actually ask. Is it a pain in the butt? Oh yeah, especially when you realize as you get older it's kinda stupid. But it can be a hard thing to overcome.


Two, related to one - people don't always SEE each other's signals. You may think you've made it plain to a girl you LIKE her, and she may think you're a flirt, a player, or just teasing her in a friendly way. And the same is true for the reverse.


If you see an opportunity - take it. She/he says "If (insert name) gets asked to that dance by one more person, I'm gonna gag, nobody's even thought to ask me about it!" jump in with something casual that still makes it clear you're not one of them "hey, they must be crazy, I know I'd jump at the chance to ask a girl/guy like you if I thought she'd go!" Make it clear you don't have them in that "cool friend, but not attracted" category, espcially if they've been rejected by someone in the past - they'll be hesitant to be clear about their signals if they're not pretty sure something more concrete will be welcomed.

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