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okie..just went i thought that i'm moving on and i'm doing good on the no contact thing...things just goes tumbling down...I didn't talk to him...no.. but i talked to our friend...and this was the girl that was a problem in our relationship...I was jealous of her because my bf and his friends always treats her so much better than they treat me..they always take her to go out and stuff like that...when i went to visit my bf in his hometown, i was stuck at home with him because he was too busy/lazy to take me anywhere. and then when she went to visit them.. they all took her out shopping and clubbing..wut is that.. seriously... so i'm very jealous of her all the time and i often give her attitude whenever she tires to invite herself along to trips and stuff with us.. and these two guy friends of his are quite fond of her and they see me treating her improperly so they tell my bf that i'm basically..well..a bIatch i guess...and that led to our argument which sort of had part to do with our breakup...It's not that i HATE the girl..it's just the fact that she gets treated better than me that i get jealous of her...every girl can understand that.. so now that my ex and i are broken up.. i feel bad if i stop talking to her bc it seems like i'm snobbing her out coz she led to our breakup...but i just talked to her and found out that she went over to visit them AGAIN!... and god did this pick at old scabs or wut... i'm in pain again.. just when i thought i was doing so well with the no contact thing and not thinking about him as much .... i find that she's over there having fun with him... and that he's doing FINE! FINE!!! oh god.. i wish i can get over this... anyone wanna help me?? is there anyway i can get over this fsater???

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well your going to find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions, first being jealous, hurt, mad, upset, crying...in any order of course...but over time your thoughts for him might just go away, if the NO contact things stays in effect, than your not going to know what he is doing, who he is seeing, etc....


Enjoy your time Off from the relationship, go out with real friends..not the fallacious ones who create problems and interferers in other peoples life's

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I'm sorry if this may sound a bit offensive, but that girl you talk about sounds a bit like a wh*re, I mean the guys bring her everywere?! And they dont respect you as much as they do her? And they called you a b*tch, wow I'd be mad 2( ). Well, personally, I think you should find a better bf that will treat you better than he did. Hope things work out for you.

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that guy 04: lol i konw wut u mean.. well. i dunno i don't think she's a wh*re...but she IS a bit dense in that she doesn't even know's harsh ruining me and my ex's relationship without konwing it...Thank u so much for support/comment.. it helps me a lot during this time at the pudgy roller coaster amusement (more like depression) park...

You konw wut was worse? when i told my bf about the whole jealousy thing and thust me being such a "biAtch" thing... i said that it wouldn't have been like that if he woulda actually spent some private time with me instead of with the GANG everytime for the past year...and u konw wut his answer was? he's like... i don't think you out coz my friends don't like you so that's why...@#$% he totally did not get my question and made such a low blow making me feel so bad coz i was the loser that no one "liked"....

it's things like that which makes me think i should move on...but like everyone here says.. it takes time...

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