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Is a long distance ex FWB different?

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I just wanted to know different people's views on this.

I've read loads of stuff about how friends with benefits can be detrimental in ways ways if you still have feelings for a person.

I have an ex, who is long distance at the moment that wants me to visit him and be FWB.

I told him I couldn't handle it and couldn't go but I feel guilty because, after all, we couldn't be in a relationship right now so I feel he has no other option.

I know I couldn't visit him and control myself if I know h wants to sleep with me as well.

It's driving me nuts and I'd appreciate any advice or reassurancethat I have made the right decision.

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Look - he's not looking for you to continuously travel to him to offset his need or desire for sexual gratification.


He's got options to date there, he might not have sex guarantees yet there, but he's basically looking to make sure that when he comes home on occasion...he has somewhere to play hide the sausage.

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