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Please help! I need a 101 on group conversations with


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A quick history: I have almost avoided talking directly to a group of girls. Classrooms, nightclubs, dances, special social events. Usually there would be another guy there who would be the main interface, and then I'd feed off of what he was saying and talk to a maybe one girl and then we'd connect. I'm somewhat okay in one-on-one conversations with women. But a group? I will have the Shy Guy's Grimace. I won't say a whole lot.


I have been better at laughing along, but I am not taking the lead in the conversation nor have I said funny, light-hearted things or jokes. Nor have I laughed after I've said something, which is a clear sign that you're an enjoyable, easy-going person. This happens because my mind is cluttered with what should I say, what not to say, what's funny, and so on..


Well today at work I chose to eat my lunch in the breakroom, and my buddies weren't there. These women didn't know me, so my guess is that I was rude (not intending to) because I didn't add to the conversation or ask them questions like (is this your first day here?).


What can i do to prepare next time? If you were in my shoes, what steps would you take once you immediately join the group?

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honestly, you could say numerous amounts

of lines theres really no point in saying it to

them if your not invested in what your talking about.

what are your intrests if you think ur intrests won't be

of any intrest to them.

Then try to work on your delivery.. sound intrested in what your talking about its much better than one opener line with no actual backbone or meaning behind it

'you just thought you'll ask it for the sake of it' ...listen Message me

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Are there any good ice breakers that I can use without being too invasive?


If I can't start off with "where are you from" or "what types of books do you like to read?" then what can I ask?


Ice Breaker: Stand behind one of the girls and say fat pinguin. When she asks why you said that say I was just looking for something to break the ice.

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