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What are things to do? im afraid shell lose interest


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well me and my friend who is a girl and im a guy hang out alot and were not dating or nothing, just good friends. anyways... everytime we hang out we never have anythign to do and we are bored. what are things to do for like 16 year olds. we have transportation and wahtnot but theres just like nothing to do anymore, weve done bowling and movies to the max and eating food is getting old, so what are somethings that we can do. im afraid that if we hang out more and not do anything shell lose interest in me and move onto other friends and stuff. and that would be hte worst thing, i want to be fun, i want her to look forward to the time we spend together but honestly i dont think she is, and i hate taht, please help me. please, thanks

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Trying to find things to do with friends, and keeping the level of FUN at a high, can be difficult, very understanding position your in because I myself find this does sort of POP up at times, and I'm 22 and trust me i sometimes get the same feeling with friends, going to the same clubs every Friday Saturday, and also the Whole movie thing as well..


My small bit of advice would be too Focus on what she likes, ask her whats she likes to do, how about Shopping. walking the mall, going to the park (even if winter) Ice skating...some Zoo's have Ice sculptures all year long,


I'm guessing here, but i sort of sense you want to be more than friends, but keeping things that way is hard, because you feel like you have already done everything under the justification of friends. Correct?



If you want to be more than friends...try taking it to a more romantic level, Invite her over, (clean your room) *a little Humor there sorry*



CAN'T GO WRONG WITH: have her tell you what she wants to do, or what she enjoys doing.

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thanks for the ideas, most of them weve already done although, we live near chicago and next to the biggest mall in the usa (woodfield mall) (yes thats right, bigger than mall of america, they cheat, they have roller coasters, but we have the most retail space). but anyways weve done the ice skating thing, theres a place downtown chicago we went to, maybe well goto a zoo and do that thing with the ice sculputers. i do feel that we have done everything under teh justification of friends, i dont really want anything else than friends cause i dont want to ruin what we have so keeping where it is wont mess things up. anyways thanks for the tips, anyone else got anything else?

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How about:

    rollerblading (although I just broke my ankle doing that - so skate at your own risk
    carriage ride in downtown chicago or along lake shore drive
    too bad Disneyquest closed or I'd suggest that
    Blackhawks game / Bulls game if she likes sports
    if you like video games and such try Odessey Fun World
    swimming can be a fun date
    eat at the top of the Hancock building
    hit link removed and check out concerts and stuff coming to the United area and nearby arenas
    the circus
    mini golf can be fun with a group



I grew up in Chicago. What a fun town! Does this help?

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My bf is always trying to teach me new things. Like how to play football, and rollerblade, and play frisbee and things like that. There are lots of things that no one takes the time to show me, and we always have a good time.


I know this sounds silly, but there are always new things to do, and it creates more common interests. Added bonus: it's cheap.

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i think that everyone has these problems. as long as you are in the same place for an extended period of time, everythign gets old and boring because youve done it all so many times. im sure you in utah get sick of hiking sometimes. i sure as hell get sick of walking around the mall or going bowling, or movies. i liked the idea that Kodos said, i think that was a good idea. ive showed her football and explained the rules to her, she acutally likes it now but it took a little getting used to, thanks for all of your ideas and if anyone else has anything dont be shy, i think we could all use some help

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dude there are tons of things you can do..im not from chicago..from new york city..where theres millions of things more to do than in chicago..but i'd say go watch a movie together..a romantic one? try doing a couple of different things the next time u guys hang out? and wen u guys eat? y not go eat in a fancy restaurant..get her some roses if you like her..tell her youre interested in her..u need to stay away from the things youve done for so long and do something different. just think..and be creative if you really like her and want to stay intact with her.

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