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am i fghtin a real fight??!!

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screw it here i go,

i think this girl likes me but im not sure.... see ive known here since kindergarten. She is one of the nicest and sweetest girls ive ever met and i like her. I useto like her and told her my fellings but hers werent the same but this has been 3 years and i have changed a lot and so has she actually im completely different.She smiles at me a lot and stares and she flirts to a degree. See the only problem is (of course theres always a problem) she has a bf, but he is a crude mean jerk and he treats her wrong he cllas he bad names and a lot of stuff. When my mom ran into her dad he said that the girl has been talkin about me a lot. So i haftoo be on her mind. See im a runner an so is her bf im faster .. think that might score me some points? i need advice on if she likes me and/or how i can tell or score points with her....



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ohhh man... I understand... is it me or is it everytime you like someone they always have a boyfriend... ?haha.. (from a guys point of view) well it always happens I guess... haha.. It's all good though... looks like she probably digs you...Looks like you gotta swept her off her feet... only time would tell... there are alot of fishes in the sea..once you catch'em choose the best one.. haha.. you probably heard that before...

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That's quite the situation there. If you are friends with her then I would be just that. Right now is NOT a time to move in on her, she is grieving for her father and not interested in another suitor. This might strengthen their relationship if the other guy is good to her or it might scare him off. Either way, play it cool. Don't get to involved right now, only drama and pain await you if you stir up this hornet's nest.

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First, I have to be mean a little. Drop the macho bull (I am faster). That doesn't matter. You could be better than everything, but he has the girl, so you must play it cool.


Second, She has a boyfriend and in my book that makes her off limits.


Third, Yes, if she is as good as you think then his dad passing will probably make them a stronger pair.


So, cut your loses now and move on. Everything has a time and place. Look at it this way, if she did leave him for you, what would keep her from leaving you for the next boy to come around??


There may be a time for you and her to be an item, but unfortunately now is not the time. Sorry, but you do not want a girl that will ;eave a relationship for something that may or may not be better. Let time be the judge of this situation and let it alone.

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hey man...i understand that you don't wanna say anything to her again because you don't wanna feel like an idiot.. but how will you feel if she ended up liking you this whole time but never said anything & she just stopped liking you when you could've done something about it. running fast is most likely not gonna score you points ..but being nice to her & giving her compliments and just being sweet definitely will.just wait it out for a while & you still feels that she likes you..go for it!

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