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She broke it off 2 weeks ago.. I think.

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Here is my situation, I was with this girl for four years, what I thought was the four best years I have had in my life to this point. She broke up with me about 2 weeks ago, her reasonings are that 1) the romance part of the relationship was non-existent because we had been together so long and we both took eachother for granite. 2) we have broken up before for this exact reason, things did change although not for very long. My problem is that when she broke up with me she said she felt she may have made a mistake and she kept contacting me with lovey dovey e-mails talking about how we could be if we got back together and how things would be different and great. She still asked for time. after two weeks of waiting and talking to her and her asking me if I was "over her" I finally realized I had to put an end to the communication. I sat and talked with her on christmas eve for about an hour, we talked about how we both felt and the fact that wether I am with her or not a lot of things will change about me for the better. She went on to ask me what those things were, and kept hinting like she wanted to get back together right then and there. she also asked me if she wanted to get back together with me and she realized she wanted to be with me if she could in a week or so, I said she would have to take that chance. The conversation ended with her in tears (I wasnt) and she said that if she calls me, that I please pick up cause it will be her wanting me back. this is too weird... I dont know what to think, either way I am really hurting and she still left it wide open for me to hope and dream. It has been about a week now since we talked and I find myself checking my e-mail every now and then or checking my phone to see if maybe I missed a call... any advice would be greatly appreciated. oh yeah, and she did mention the fact that she is afraid if she gets back with me that things will fall into the rut again and niether of us will change. so I am pretty stuck, I do know a few things out of this though. No matter what, I want her to be happy. If she isnt happy with me then as hard as it is to say or think, I would rather her be with someone else who makes her happy. I also know that you cannot change how a person feels about you, if they dont want that relationship with you anymore then you cant force it. what should I do at this point? what should I expect out of all of this?



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i reckon you should wait for her to decide she wants you back, i think she's gonna say to does pretty soon. then you should make the relationship AMAZING! surprise her...take her out for dinner more often...buy small gifts....cook her her favourite foods....experiment in bed!! do different things, treat her like she's all you want, all you think about. make it the perfect relationship, so that she doesn't want to leave you. and well....keep it like that for the rest of your life!

- lottie -

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