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She didnt respond!


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Well, I told you all I met her a week (ish) ago, it was great, we had a good time lots of coversation, flirty etc etc. She even rang me like as soon as I got back!

So from all of this and previous things (i.e phone sex) I had some the conclusion she wanted something more between us. Anyway, i know it wasnt the best ever move but i told her how i felt on the phone.


She basically has completely ignored what i have said and not even responded to it, well she has but all she has said (twice) is 'I don't know what to say'. Is this her trying to just gently tell me she is not interested in me for a relationship?

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well is she along ways away long distance relatiosnships arent exvatly the best relationships lol i mena u will never see each other i dunno she might just think ur relationship is movin to fast for comfort and just doesnt know wut to say i say just sit back and relax and wait for her to say sumti to u bout it

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I think you might have just scared her a bit in being upfront with your feelings. Girls (and guys) have to take some time to get to know each other in "real life" as well as over the Internet, and that first meeting is still bound to be awkward, while still enjoyable!


Just relax and be casual. Don't mention the feelings thing again; let her get used to you a bit more first. Sounds strange since you've had so much contact with her already, but I think you know what I mean. Let her get used to you the PERSON, not the words on the screen! But I wouldn't worry overly much-I think she'll come around quite soon.




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Think of it like this


below was Posted by (vfunkera) in a past topic i entitled "how to keep the spark alive"


They will want you more if you are a challenge. How? Get a second life with out them. Appear more challenging. Eliminate all your desperation signs-




--always giving the woman attention.

--call all the time (and immediately once getting the number,

immediately returning a call, being at her beck and call, etc.)

--take every opportunity to talk to them and tell them everything

about yourself right away.

--always be available.

--NEVER be willing to walk away-(NEVER willing to disagree, ALWAYS supplicating).





You showed wayyyyy to much in the beginning, now she thinks "ok Got him" and she may treat you like a doormat, and you Undoubtedly DON'T want that feeling, you can't be Mr. Nice guy all the time, I know I'm sort of the same way, wine and dine a girl with attention, gifts, Always being the one to walk up to her and start talking, calling her on the phone...yea it's OK to call and have contact but Don't over kill it, you look desperate, and that will lead to her having to let you down with a excuse after excuse to again meet up with each other in person..


Hmmm, what i'm trying to say is....


KEY WORD-->(casual dates) get to know each other, can't say if it's to late for that, but it doesn't look good...sorry for being so brutally honest with you, but i wound not want to misguide you in advice.

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