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We are back together now, for good. Inspiring...

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I just wanted to post what happened for a lot of people who have doubt about ex's getting back with each other. Well it happened to me, finally. I thought about my ex every minute of the day and I missed her so damn much it wasn't even funny. When we first initially broke up, I cried to her, begged her to reconsider, grovelled at her feet which just made things even worse and on top of that I became extremely depressed with life. Next, we tried dating again right after we broke up which didn't help things since I was still in this mentality that we were going to be serious again so I rushed things....bad idea....she broke it off with me several times and eventually told me the last time I saw her that we should be friends and nothing more since I expected so much from her. So she went back to school which was two hours away and we talked like once every week and the only reason I talked to her was because I didn't want to lose that interest with her and wanted to be her friend and hoped she didn't forget about me. Well anyways, about two months ago, we talked on the phone when she was still in school....basically she was making a lot of stupid decisions and really didn't know how to judge people.


About this time she was really taking me as a person for granted because she had that "I can take care of myself and I know everything" kind of attitude towards me. I really just got sick of it, I always cared about her so much and wasn't ever controlling or jealous, just concerned. I told her straight out, "Be careful about guys out there, they arn't all like me" and she replied how she won't know unless she dates well people this was probably the best decision I ever made. I told her " I think we should have some space from each other, even though we are just friends" "I'm not waiting anymore for you because you are obviously confused with life and need experience" she started crying saying how she still wanted me as her friend because she didn't want to lose that, but I said "No" and told her in order for me to move on, we need to cut contact and give it time for me to really accept us as just friends. She sobfuly agreed and hung up. Two extremely hard months later.... She was down in town, and would only be so for 3 Weeks. It was now or never to me but the funny thing is, is that during that period of two months, I went to the gym, got a nice tan, got a better job, raised my g.p.a., and dated other people. I called her, and asked her have dinner with me but during the whole time I never talked about us or initiated anything.


I was just her friend and nothing more, she would flirt but I would rarely flirt back... I was just being confident and through all of our meetings during this break, I finally had the mentality at last, that if it dosn't work out, that I'll be okay and move on with my life. Conclusion time....I took her out to dinner and this would be like the 5th time weve hung out together since her return. We had a great time and then went back to my place. We were watching a movie and I was on the same couch with her and I ended up laying down near her. She started to rub the back of my head and I started to think "What the hell is going on" but I followed a lot of posters advice and didn't react to it. Shocker....she said, "Stephen(that's my name), I still care about you so much, you have always been on my mind and I'm sorry for what I've put you through these past 9 months." My response: I care about you too and it's okay, we all make mistakes, that's how we learn and grow as a person." she then said, "You were right about everything, guys and just life in general, I thought I could handle myself but the whole time, I just thought about you, and us...." my response, "I think about us too but it's been so long, you have to let things go sometimes" she then said, " I don't want to let you go, I want you back in my life, no guy even comes close to you, you are perfect in everyway,etc,etc (compliments) and I want us to try again"


so I'm thinking, "I can't believe this is happening?@#@" Out of all months I have cried, was really depressed, losed sleep and couldn't eat because I lost her, she really wants me back.....So we talked for about two hours and eventually decided we should be together again and not just date, but be exclusive...I was thinking we should just date again but we both know what we want now and it's been so long, we have both matured as people and one of the last things she said before she left was " I know things are going to alright, you are the right guy for me, I'm sorry it took me so long to realized what I losed, thank you for giving me another chance" I was dumbfounded and plus she said she will start driving out here to see me since I'm busier on weekends. It's like a dream come true,and I really thought I was dreaming.


In conclusion, I think it just takes time for relationships to get back together, some do and some don't but even though you are a broken person at first and it hurts so bad, you eventually move on, wiser and stronger. If I have any advice to give to people who are broken up with their ex's and want them back is to just be patient and don't rush or push things, time is a miracle in itself, use it to your advantage, go and improve yourself, your physical and mental aspects. The "No contact rule did work, for me" I also wanted to thank all the people on these boards for their neverending wisdom and support, without you, I wouldn't be the happiness man in the world. Thank you so much,



We were broken up for 9 months and were with each other for three years before she broke up with me just so people know.


Also, if anyone needs to talk or anything, they can PM me or just reply to this thread.


Added: You know what, know one is perfect so if you have made mistakes while trying to attempt to get him/her back, it's okay, because we are just humans, god know I did some stupid things but it's okay, don't beat yourself up for them.... Just be patient...since patience is a virtue you know....

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