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One of my friends has liked me since fourth grade.

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One of my friends, Matt, has liked me since fourth grade. He tells my best friend (whom he's only met once in 8th grade; she doesnt go to the same school as us) all about his feelings for me and how they've now grown into "love." we dated for a couple of weeks in 8th grade.


The thing is, we barely talk. We don't have any classes together at school. The only way we talk is on MySpace and it's usually him ranting about something or other. When this happens I try my best to understand what he's talking about but he tends to start a new thought in the middle of a sentence.


He sometimes drops hints about liking me but that happens very rarely.

We haven't properly spoken in two years, so why does he still like me?

I haven't in any way led him to believe that we'll end up together since ive already found someone I love. He told my friend I'm "unavailable" and I guess he thinks I'm dating someone.


I can't even really call us friends. We're more like acquaintances. When we do see each other at school, we would just say "hi" and continue our separate ways. I don't want to just drop him because I would feel terrible and I don't want him to hate me. Its just odd that he still likes me after six years. Shouldn't he have moved on by now?


Thank you for any help you can offer!

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I know how he feels. I dont think you ever really get over your first "crush" lol.


I had a huge crush on a girl I was in Elementary school with and I still think of her from time to time even though her and I were never "friends".


I am happily in love now but she is one of the 2 girls that I think about from time to time. None of these feelings that I have for these girls are love though. I just wonder what ever became of them and how they are doing. I guess I will find out next year for my 10 year High School reunion.


My point is, I don't think that he actually "loves" you but I think that he still wonders what would it be like to have a relationship with you. I believe he will get over this soon. How old are the two of you?

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Well not to judge but "love" is a term that younger teens throw around. He is not in love with you. Maybe he really likes you.


Plus, you are only 16 and if you two dated when you were in 8th grade.... it's only been 2 years not 6.


My guess is that he likes you a lot and he has not had the time in life to see what else is out there.

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Haha, no, we've know each other since 4th grade. And he's said he's loved me since 4th grade. Which is stupid cuz no one falls in love at age 9.

And yes, I completely agree. Most people throw it around but I only say it when I mean it. When someone's had an amazing impact on me and they mean something to me. I wouldnt say "I love you" to this kid who's been "in love" with me.

Also, he was in a relationship with another girl for about 8 months, so he's obviously had the time to see what else is out there.


I'm sorry if I worded that harshly, I didnt mean to.

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we dated for a couple of weeks in 8th grade.




Its just odd that he still likes me after six years. Shouldn't he have moved on by now?



Dated for a couple weeks in 8th grade (you and him were 13 or 14)


His feelings of "love" were probably not developed until this time.


So he has not had 6 years to get over it, 2-3 at the most (unless of course you and him skipped 5th-7th grade and then flunked 8th grade twice to account for the 6 years of him being able to try and get over you.)


Thats why I said it has not been 6 years. You can not say that he had 6 years to move on if you dated him for a couple weeks in the 8th grade. (aka 2 years ago)


Sorry if this came off rude as well.

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Oh. Ok I see what you're saying. My mistake.

But its been 2, almost 3 years with barely any contact so why is he still into me?

I know you can't answer that because you arent him and everyone is different.

It's just a little frustrating, I guess.

Why is it that people always want what they can't have?

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Why is it that people always want what they can't have?


It is because of the fact that when something that you like comes easy in life, you want it less.


For example, If money grew on trees, no one would really be hungry for it or want it so badly.


Same thing goes for love. If love came as easy as water out of a faucet, you wouldn't drink it as much.


This is why many relationships fail, one or the other person will make it so easy to be in a reltaionship and the other will get bored.


The reason my relationship works so well is because we both looked at each other as a "goal". We both foind each other very attractive and our personalities, although similar, conflict. Thus leaving us a never ending chase for perfection. A perfect relationship will never last. A relationship where you have to work on due to little arguments and many compromises is the one that grows stronger.


There is not a month that gos by in my relationship where she doesn't feel like she has to "chase" me a little bit or vice versa. We constantly give each other reasons to fall more in love everyday.


That said, he wants you more since you show no interest in him. If you were to call him all day, text him every 5 minutes and always ask him out to the movies... he would be singing a different tune after about 6 months.



Hope this made sense. I learned all this through personal experiences. I was on the receiving end of a woman madly in "love" with me and I have also been the guy madly in love with the woman.


I am just glad that I am with someone compatable with me now!!!! YAY! lol



Best of luck to you. Feel free to ask anymore questions, I would be glad to give them my best shot

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Yes, that completely makes sense.

Thank you!


Alright well, i do have another question. My best friend says he doesnt wanna date me now because he doesnt want to ruin our friendship, yet he wants to marry me.

What's up with that? If you need more details I have another thread called "Our" Future? under the "Relationship" board. But I guess to answer my question I'd have to give some examples about what he says.

idk, I guess I just wanna make sure he's not * * * * ing with me.

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