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Bullets Fly,

Soldiers Die,

Relatives Cry,

What's the point?

They go to war because their leader asks them too,

But in the end they fight for themselves,


Those that they fight for rarely thank,

Or even stand against the reason they're there,

When that first bullet flies everything is forgotton,

Pride in their country, pride in their uniform,

In the end It's only ever about survival,

To get back home to the ones they love,


War isn't something we should resort to,

The human race is better than that,

Generations of our children destroyed,

Bullets, bombs, planes and ships,

All built to kill our fellow man,

In the end we are all the same,

Why don't our leaders feel any shame?


Over the lives of young men sent to die,

On foreign shores,

In distant climes,

Places that most people would struggle to name,

Lord why don't our leaders feel any shame?



Dedicated to a young man I went to school with, who became a soldier, killed in Afghanistan last week while serving the country that he loved.



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