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I'm feeling lonely.. :(


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Basically, the story is, I'm going to be traveling all around Canada to hang out with different friends. And I know that I'm going to intoxicated about 93% of the time.


And while I'm not making it a goal, I do think that I may end up sleeping with a few random drunken girls, since, well, it happens.


What this means, is that I can't have a girlfriend right now. I simply cannot morally bring myself to put something like that at risk, since I couldn't cheat on a girl, period. Call it morals, ethics, whatever. Couldn't put someone through that.


So, ultimately, this means that I'm feeling very lonely right now I mean, there's friends, but.. it's not the same, right?

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Alot of the times...you have to give up something in order to obtain something.

In your case, I think you might have to....finish up your Canada exploration, before you think of trying to get into a serious relationship. Your right, if you have a girlfriend now, in your situation, you could do something you might not mean to do, and end up hurting her. I think that you need your friends most of all right now, but in turn...if you want to have a girl in your life, you would have to...not be intoxicated that much. If you really do end up sleeping with random drunken girls at some point...well, you never know what might happen. I think that you should just have alot of fun while you can, then when you get tired out, you can go and find that girl of your dreams, and you won't have to put it at risk, because you'll have had your fun (doesn't mean you still can't have fun when you're with her heh.) I hope this helped~

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Thank you.


Yes, like I said, I can't bring myself to ask out the list of girls I've wanted to for a while because of this. I couldn't bear to hurt anyone, since I've been through this kind of stuff, so it hits close to home.


But still, there's just something that friends can't fill. Maybe it's a male/female difference, because I love my buddies, the whole boatload of them, but I won't be able to spend too much time with them or I'll check myself into the nearest asylum. And I've a limited amount of girl friends who don't have their own schedules [2-3 maybe]. And I don't want to burden them with all of this kind of stuff, since I understand that it can get annoying.

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