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Tonight was a new and scary night for me and my girlfriend. We were hanging out in my room, doing normal things, when I eventually started getting these impulses, and I pounced. She obviously felt the same way cause she wasnt trying to escape. This was a make-out session to the max! We stopped each other, and we both agreed that we wouldn't let it go too far....but It got to the point where we both didn't care, and we ALMOST had sex. If it wasn't for me, who stopped us, it probably would have happened. We've decided to carry around some condoms for awhile just incase something should happen...my question is....what the hell happened

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Sounds like your animal instincts kicked in. Carrying around condoms would be a good idea from now on. Then you won't be posting in the pregnancy forum saying "But it was just that one time and we never meant for it to happen..."


Seriously though, its nothing to be afraid of. Its just something to be AWARE of.

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Im just worried about the whole thing. Knowing my life Id prolly end up having a kid somehow (I have bad luck in life lol) its just that, she wont go on the pill cause of parents and stuff, and yeah, im not sure about the success rate of condoms so..I know i shouldn't be having sex, but things happen right? at least im being procausious

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I know how you feel about haveing bad luck. And yes things happen just be smart use a condom. I think they have a 80% but I might be wrong. But the best way is not to have sex, but we are only human and yes we do things that we dont want to do.

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