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A short poem


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Just wrote this, what do you all think?


Why Do I go on?

I don't know…

Its not for me,

I have nothing left.

All my hope is gone.

I do it for the others,

For the ones I care most about.


I wish it would all end,

All the hurt and pain

My life means nothing any more,

Why do I go on……………

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Hey, that's pretty moving. Are you writing in general about your past experiences (you talk about the ones you care most about) or did something specific happen to make you feel this way? Have you had a string of bad luck or broken relationships, or is there a major one in there somewhere that is holding you back?


If it's one person, why can't you move on? I'm in a bit of the same situation myself, and I too am trying to find a way forward. I think I can make it, but I realize I have to at some point walk away from it, and let her heal, and when she's better, I will be too.


We have to go on somehow. Get past it and start living for ourselves again.


What have you tried doing? I almost went on antidepressants, but was scared to start that even. I'm healing slowly, but it will take a long time. I'm not a young man, so my future may not be bright. Perhaps you are, and can still share a near full life with somebody else.

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