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As I have indicated before, my supervisor and I decided to become just friends. Well even as friends, we still have problems arising between us.


Problems like:


Everything I do, it offends her. It gotten to the point that I had to ask her for guidance in what to do and on how to act in front of her.


E.G Recently, I've been way more talkative to my co-workers than ever before, she thinks I'm trying to take advantage of our relationship. I'm not doing that on her time and it's not even that, almost all (80% of the associates) the people who works with me are my friends, we've hang out outside of work, so chances are, we'll talk at work as well.

E.G I've been a little flirty with one of my supervisor. She thinks that I'm making her jealous. This girl that I've been flirting with is a new supervisor, and I used to hate her. So, since she has the "power" I have to make sure I'm in good terms with her.


Everything that she makes a mistakes on, I'm getting blamed for it.

(This is self-explanatory, girl screws up, you get the blame)


This whole mess had gotten us to the point of saying nasty things at each other. I've said nasty things to her, that I don't think she will forgive me for. Although I regret saying it, it's already been done. The truth is, this last drama between us has brought me to my knees. I value her and her friendship so much that I wanted to leave and quit my job and start somewhere fresh and new. Hopefully to forget everything that happened between us in the past months.


Should I leave my job?

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This is why you should never, ever, date your boss. Problems are absolutely guaranteed. And if she is blaming you for her mistakes, you just might have a sexual harassment case.


Either keep things completely professional and refuse to discuss personal life, or resign. Those are your choices now. If you keep things professional but she still discriminates against you, then go to human resources.

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If you think finding another job will make life easier for you then, yes, leave.


Oh and at your new job, don't ask any girls out you work with, infact don't even get interested in any other chicks at your new job. Whenever those thoughts come into your head about some hot chick at your new work who's 'all that and then some', use your right hand in the toilet block before you see the girls you desire. It'll make it easier to deal with them when you're not out their with a loaded magnum.

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