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Just can't move on...

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My ex girlfriend and I are, or shall I say were, PERFECT for each other, she is amazing. We've split up 3 times during the last year unfortunately (I'm a senior she's a sophomore in highschool). Each time it started out great, but each time I would be killed by one of her relationship traits I could not stand, inconsistency. Sometimes it seemed she loved me, and others I had no idea. Each time I broke up with her it seemed to me she didn't care whatsoever. Like 3-4 weeks would pass, I would distance myself from her, look for other girls to get over the pain, and I would get over her (the hardest was the first time of course)....Right now we're split up, but the other night before my basketball game we texted each other asking her if she thinks we will hang out this break. She said maybe. Even last night we talked on the phone for 2 hours, it was weird. I just know deep down she still needs me no matter what she says. This is my highschool sweetheart, my first kiss, everything! I'm thinking this time around no relationship, just hooking up together, but I have a feeling this would hurt me since it wouldn't really mean anything, and I want it too. Well, do I move on to another girl or give this girl another shot because of how much I really do love her. Thanks...



By the way yea I know I should take my own advice from a couple threads ago, but It's easy until you're in the situation yourself.

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considering that you've broken up 3 times, i don't see a bright future. so she needs you now, but she may find someone else to depend on too.


while this is your first love, and you want it to be forever, it's only your wish, not her wish. so let go. cos this is the period of time when you learn about love, and one of the things about love is letting go, not holding on.


so you get hurt, cos you thought it would be forever. if you didn't think it was forever, you wouldn't hurt. you'd just let go, and if you did just that, it was never your first love in the first place. so cherish this first love memory, and move on.


you may want to take a break from relationships for awhile, just enjoy being your age and hanging out with pals. when you're enjoying your singlehood, you can be sure love is just around the corner again!

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