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feeling sad

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18 days since the breakup. had a 1-week rebound thing going that ended 3 days ago.


i have somewhat accepted the loss(es). i feel some pain and cry in the mornings, but generally i am well.


but i am feeling sad. not very very sad, not in deep pain, not in turmoil. just sad and alone in a quiet way.


i realize i am completely alone in this world. well, i have family and friends....but i am still....well....alone.

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Surround yourself with activities, hobbies, and friends. Time to let the time pass. It'll fix things.


One thing though, occupy yourself. Better yourself. Hit the gym. So that in two months, if you're still feeling bad, you'll not slip into depression for missing two more months of your life, but being productive, and bettering yourself.

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thanks starlight and russ.


i am going through the motions of moving forward, and i actually feel good most of the time. i guess it's only natural to feel sad....ho hum....


i am exercising self-control in not going into a rebound relationship....i ended the 1 week thing even though i was really having fun bec i know i have to deal with this, and i have to deal with this now.

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You need to get your diary booked right out! I am booking myself up to October and I am not joking!!



After that I am hoping ahm on track or met someone else or just happy.


I am actually in a strange mode at the moment - yes I miss him - but do I? I miss "us", I miss the fact I never worried about what I was up to at the weekend as was always "us" and if it was not would be "us" the day after! Make sense?


He had said to me when we split that I will look back and realise this is for the best - I believe that now - but not because if us but because of him. I actually had him up there on a pedestal and today I wonder why? He never put as much into "us" as me. Anyway - what I am trying to say is it is getting better. I am almost at 3 months and I an getting stringer - I think more so after seeing him and staying with him weekend before last and I think a gained some confidence in letting go - realised not the one maybe? Something different! Do not even feel comfortable getting in touch.

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Everyone saying you should keep busy is so right. Check out my thread in this forum ''what am I going to do there'', and take a look at what I've been doing in the five days since I got dumped. it's not that hard, or challenging, I just tried to keep myself as busy as possible. Friends, family, outings, even tv and internet help - provided you can trust yourself not to stalk your ex online!


I know it sounds like such basic advice, but the effect of being around your friends cannot be underestimated. Hell, they don't even have to be great advice-givers or anything, just anyone who can listen for a while, and then distract you with fun chats or interesting things to do etc.


Also - spoil yourself! Not in a comfort-eating or destructive way with drugs or anything, but maybe, this month, save a bit less and spend a bit more! Buy some new clothes, get a makeover, eat out, go to the movies. Small things like that will really help, basically, just ANYTHING that can keep you from being alone and moping around the house.


Again, it sounds obvious, but it really, really, really helps.

Good luck.

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