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My two cents. :-)


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I've been posting a lot of threads in recent weeks looking for advice. I think it's my time to give something back. It's nothing major, but something that I've noticed here and something that I hope everyone here realises, or will realise after reading this.


A lot of posts on this forum seem to revolve around people worrying about relationships, analysing themselves, worrying if they are ''good enough'' for their partner.


Can I just say, obvious as it may sound, the mere fact that you guys are here on a relationship-advice forum shows that you are a good person, a person willing to do the best for their relationship, a person who cares deeply about their relationships/friendships and is taking time to get advice to be the best partner/friend/family member that they can possibly be.


The fact that you take time to search for ''relationship advice'' or whatever on Google shows how much you care, and shows how worthy a partner/friend/family member you actually are!


People who worry about ending up lonely or who are going through breakups - like I am at the moment- just take a second to realise how desirable you are. I know there are many, many people who use this site, but, honestly, so many other people don't care when there are relationship problems, don't bother to seek advice on how to deal with their partner, don't have the introspection and intelligence to realise when they themselves are in need of help, and don't have the desire and idealism to make the best out of the relationships that they are in.


So many people wouldn't bother their ass looking up relationship advice online, or anywhere else. It wouldn't cross their mind.


Anyone would be lucky to have any of us! People that put so much effort into relationships and who always do their utmost - often, it seems, that their own sacrifice - to make them work.


The very fact you use this website shows you care. It shows you care about yourself and want to be the best person you can be, it shows you care about your partner, and it shows you care about thousands of people accross the globe who need advice in the same way you do.


It's kinda late, and I'm tired, hope I'm making myself clear. Basically, I don't think there is another website that is so dedicated to helping others, while focusing on self-improvement as well. This is just my thank you to the site, and hopefully a word of encouragement to those that are low. The fact you use this website shows what a caring, loving person you are. Never lose sight of that.

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Thanks guys! ANything I can do to help. Everyone here has been so helpful since I started posting!


I'm going away for a while and won't have internet access But a sincere thankyou to everyone who has given me such valuable advice and help in the last while. I can honestly say this site has made my breakup easier.

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