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what do you think is goin thru her mind?

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first sorry for the long post.


so for some reason i've been contacting her once a day or every two days for the past 2-3 weeks. this is after she told me she cheated on me last yr before xmas. now she's been in rebound with a guy for over a month.


during our convos she told me she thinks the rebound guy like a friend instead of bf. i told her i was so heartbroken over the beakup i slept with 2 girls just to get over her. she didnt seem to react much to it.


after the breakup early May she has never called me. a few days ago we had a long chat and she told me it'd like to start it over with me slowly. however when i see her or talk to her she treats me like a stranger.


why would she play hot and cold with me? she told me after the breakup her life started to go downhill fast. i asked her if she regrets cheating on me she said she does everyday. but she wouldnt answer me when i asked her if she regreted breaking up with me.


she's hurting my feelings more and more and i'm just so dumb and go back for more beating.


now i'm thinking about pretending everything's fine and take back the $260 necklace i bought her during the first year of dating. she has been defrauding me emotionally and financially since she cheated on me.


the guy she gave the blowjob to called her on xmas eve when she and her family was opening $300 in gifts i got them. she got the call and left the living room to answer it. i sensed that something was wrong and asked her if she had something to hide and she lied to my face. it wasnt the first time.


why do i still want her back? from my convos with her i have a good feeling that she's not gonna change. she would tell me she felt "horrible" for cheating on me but i never actually got an official sincere apology.


part of me wants to help her thru this hard time in hopes that she would see the light and love me genuinely again. but i dont think its happening and another part of me hates her more than i could hate anyone.


i'm thinking about telling her mother about what she did. i really hate her for what she did and i'm shocked that a christian raised girl like her can do such things.


everytime i talk to her i want her back and HATE her at the same time.


i dont want to love her nor do i want to hate her cuz it's just drains me emotionally!!! i wish i can just erase her like in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.


btw she does have adhd but i dont think it has anything to do with it, or does it?

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She sounds young.. I really doubt even she knows what she is feeling right now.


To be honest, stop calling her, she cheated on you dude, think about her, but do not call her.. she does NOT deserve that kind of attention at all, no cheater does. If she calls, pretend you are to good for her, because you are.


You`re the one that needs help right now to get through this, and she sounds like she could give a rats ass how you are feeling, she sounds like she is in her own little fantasy world and needs a good kick in the ass to realize what she had.. give her a few months to grow up.

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