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how to get back in shape

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I used to jump for 2000 times everyday pretend like i have a skipping rope, sit ups, push ups, and on-the-spot-crazy-dance. i also watched out on what i eat. About 6 months ago i stopped doing everything like that.i began to eat whatever i like at anytime. and then i realized i looked like i gained weight or less toned. My toned tighs are now like jelly i think i can even see fats sticking out????! like a bumpy road. my arms are maybe bigger and flabby. i can see my tummy now but i can still see slight abs. just not a tight tummy. sry if i make myself sound scary. im so angry about it, so now i've decided to take action. but how do i get back in shape? do i do exactly the same thing on what i did 6 months ago? or do i do something else (more difficult or less difficult)? AND IS IT TRUE THAT I CAN STILL GET TONED FAST BECAUSE I WAS ONCE TONED? i can say im quite desprate, as after a month of holiday my friends are telling me how i need to keep fit again and PROM IS JUST MID OF NEXT MONTH. thx a lot for ur help i would really appreciate it.

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there is this wonderful thing called muscle memory. It takes as much time to lose your muscle etc as it did to build it. BUT if you start working out again you will notice a change almost instantly!!!

Its a beautiful thing. Start smaller and do some push ups/squats/lunges and crunches...do 3 sets of 25 of each and guaranteed you will start to notice a difference almost right away

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Well change is gonna take time. If you like dancing join an aerobic dancing class or what ever it's called. I've seen it. People dance and get better at it and get in pretty good shape. I dunno. Swimming is an excellent workout too and will work all your muscles simultaneously and get you toned.


Diet is very important, eat a good amount but eat clean. Cut out white flours and sugars. Get whole grains, and fresh fruit instead. Eat lots of veggies and lean meats. No fast food. Drink lots of waters, and eat smaller meals every 3 hours.


EDIT: but yes, since you were once in great shape, it'll take much less time to get back to that shape again than it did the first time.

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