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truth about being teased?


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alright, quick question for ya all, this may seem trivial but its been buggin me....


I know this girl who, whenever i see her teases me about my eyes, they cross when their tired but i'm not crosseyed, she teases me about it even when their not.... like she keeps going "ERR...I CANT TELL WHEN UR TALKIN TO ME!"


some people tell me that she likes me and is "just teasing me" but i've never heard that before? ssoo yaa...any ideas bout whats goin on?




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I dont' know how old you are - which would help, but my daughter (middle school) is sitting with me right now, and agrees with the "she probably likes you" part. Young girls who don't want to say they like a guy might pick on or tease them instead of being embarrassed by saying "I like you." (She also said if another party says she likes you in front of her - she'd deny it and blush.)

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