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Can't figure out my one friend

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There's this guy I've known for about 3 years now. We were never really that close in high school, but that's where we met. We'd hang out every now and then but he was very quiet and kept to himself back then. About a half year ago, we reconnected after we bumped into each other at a store. He was very talkative with me and we exchanged numbers. Since then, we've grown into really close buddies that can tell each other just about anything. He told me that I was the brother he never had, and that he loves me. We always have such great times with each other when we do hang out.


Now, the thing I can't figure out is when I try to call him, he usually doesn't answer and sometimes doesn't call back. I asked him about it and he told me that he's working or too busy to answer at the time. It's true; he does work very weird hours and most of the time brings his work home. But, how hard is it to return a phone call? It'll take 5 minutes out of his day. Sometimes we'll make plans and he'll welch on them because he's "too tired" or he's going to hang with his girlfriend instead.


So, on one hand we connect great when we're together and he says he loves hanging with me. But, on the other, he rarely if ever takes my calls/returns them and he backs out of hanging out a lot...


Does anyone else have a friend like this? What gives?

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Yeah he sounds like just a friend. I have a bestest friend in the world and she never returns any phone calls at all but it doesn't mean anything.. most of the times she is just busy or in her case extremely forgetful. but it sounds like your friend has a lot thats he's juggling. Don't take it so personally.

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Some people just don't enjoy talking on the phone. And if they believe you're the type of person that pulls to stay on the phone for a long time, then they'll just think "I really don't have the energy to talk to for 45 minutes."


I don't like talking on the phone and rarely keep mine near me. Probably one of the reasons I stay single.

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