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falling in love with the wrong guy

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Hi Everyone...I have a problem...


I have this friend danny. Hes like the cutest, sweetest guy ever! But the reason we met was because he was supposed to set me up with his friend.(his friend Jay is using Danny as the "link" to hook up with me) Now u see the point of danny was to get me to go out with Jay, but me and Danny are like totally crushing on each other now. Coming clear now? Yup, Danny and I are like always talking and hanging out at school or the movies, and well me and Jay rarely even say hi...Im just worried because Danny and Jay are almost like best friends and I don't want to ruin their friendship? Whats the right thing to do? Danny's sooo cute and perfect, and Jay's just not Mr. Right...



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Sounds like you're falling for the "right" guy, since you guys get along so well, and it's mutual.


Maybe this will give Jay incentive to act a little faster in the future, instead of trying to get a friend to get the girl he has his eye on comfortable for him, ne? You guys hit it off, he hasn't made a move - go for the one you like who's not afraid to talk to you. If Danny wants to clear the air with Jay first, that's up to him - but it's certainly no blame on you you liked the guy who approached you and took the time to hang out and get to know you!

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hey! listen: over the summer i started liking this guy who just happened to be good friends with my x, who still liked me. i sat with the guy at a campfire and shared a blanket and hung out with him. my x was mad at the situation but he barely stayed pissed at his friend for a day. go for the guy you like. guys don't remember mistakes and screw ups like us girls do.


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