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On the verge of breaking up again and feel horrible

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This is a long story, but Ill try to keep it short.


Im still with my girlfriend (4th time together), about 3 months now and its showing signs of cracking again. We've being oging out for 2 and a half years now (on and off). The weirdest thing is though (or perhaps I should say the most frustrating thing) is that up until a few days ago I felt prepared for this seemingly inevitable break up. I was of the attitude that if it happened then it happened and Id move on and find a new girl and so on. But now it seems to have taken another step the other day and Im a wreck over it


I just suddenly feel so alone, and the thought of breaking up with her has me in bits. Why??? Honestly dont know. And I know this relationship might not and probably isnt right but I want it to work and for us to be together. Uggghhh. I hate this.


Im actually very isolated in terms of friends at the moment. My best friend is on the other side of the country working, although he comes home each weekend and my other good friend is in San Francisco for the summer. That actually just amplified the fear of breaking up with her, I suddenly felt as though Id have NOBODY. I dont know what to do, maybe Im just reading too much into things or something. Then I think that the fact I feel like this about the relationship and her shows she probably isnt the one for me and sooner or later itll end (again).........


Needed to get that rant out, feel so confused, stressed and unsure now.


What should I do? Should I just confront her over this and get it over with or just talk things out calmly and conciliatory or should I just leave it and let it play out?

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Sorry man, but IMO, if you've broken up 3 times already and you feel it cracking again, that should answer your question. It just doesn't seem like it's supposed to be, regardless of how alone you'd feel. So many people on here were completely alone after their relationships ended, but they still ended them when they knew they had to.

If you think it will end again, let that be the last time.

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Sounds like you are more afraid of being alone than the breakup. If that is the case why stay together? Reality hits like a train sometimes and I think that is what is hitting you. Talk to her and see how she feels. You may be able to learn from this even if you two don't stay together.



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