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EX contacted me... what to think?

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In July 2007, I ended my relationship with my EX of 8 years On/Off.. mainly ended due to personal issues and overall rockiness of the relationship. She tried for 2 weeks, cards, email.. Im 25, shes 24!


When i called her after 2 weeks to talk things out. She was already began dating a man that just broke off his wedding about the same time we broke up. Within 4 weeks, already moved in with this guy... and told me to not contact her again!


I respected her wishes, moved on.. i'd have to admit, it was really hard... Im think im about 90% over her, having fun, living life, etc. Fast forward to Feb 08, after 7 months NC.. she emails me no hard feelings, etc.. Politely emailed back short response a week later. Ever since then, she emails monthly, with the last email two weeks ago saying how she misses the great times and the silliniess, etc. . Trying not to read into this confusing saga, i guess im a little stuck on why she keeps contacting me when she told me to not contact her and has this 'awesome' new man in her life!?

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give her a break.. you were together for 8 years on and off. its great that after all that you are still able to maintain friendship. and If Its too much for you, you should just let her know to give you more time.

and leave it as it is.. unless she said that she wants you back in her life as more than a friend.

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