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When I think I cant get lower I get hit with something new. Well if you dont know what is happing in my life is my friend was killed and my g/f is going to iraq. I thought that it cant get worse but it did, well me and my g/f was talking and I told her how I felt about her well she she likes me about as much as I like her but...... she dose not want to contune are relasionship when she is over there. Well I am ok with that becouse I was going to whate for her. BUT I was talking to her mom and me and her came up. Well I found out why she said that to me, it is becouse she is afrade to get close to me. So I dont know what to do now. I havent been able to talk to her about us. I love her and I dont want to lose her. What is going on? What should I do? I am going crazy now. Is it over now? I dont know what is going on with us now. Please Help!!!!!

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Hey Brother Cid


I have been following your posts. This is a tough call. I'm really sorry wfor what your going through. I just went through a bad break-up woth what I thought was the love of my life and soulmate. The only thing I can tell you is that long distance relationships normally "Do Not" work out. The longtime waiting tortures a person, wondering what they are doing and so forth. I think you would be setting yourself up for later heartbreak. Accept the fact she is leaving, as hard as that may be. And agree to stay in contact via email and letters. Let her go do her thing, and you do yours. Maybe someday, but not today. If I recall years are a very long time. Remember the good times you used to have together. And leave it at that.

Sounds like your both real young and you have many things to accomplish yet in life. The future is only in a crystal ball. And I don't no anyone that has a working one. You never know. Let your lover/friend go in peace. It will give you both a better peace of mind. And you both need that right now. Take away the pressure, and their will be none. And you can get back to enjoying life and sleeping sound at night.




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