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Anybody here a writer?

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Start writing. Make a schedule, from 8am-10am every day or every week day you write. DO not wait for inspiration. Write. Write every day.


When you have 25 pages of your writing that you like, Apply to grad school for your MFA in creative writing. Or if you are getting your BA find a school that has an intensive undergrad writing program. Bard in New york and Antioch in Los Angeles have good writing programs.


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I am a writer and it comes naturally to me. I am my best when I'm EXTREMELY sad, hurt, or affected by my surroundings deeply. But I'm working on a novel at the moment and it requires that I am calmed and content when I write (because of the tone I want for it).


Also, if I'm outside, and something captures my attention, the first line comes to my mind, I write it down, and the rest just flows.


That's how it works for me, at least.

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One exercise that is useful is daily pages. You open your jotter and write. Even if the only thing you end up putting down on the page is "I have nothing to say." a thousand times. Anything you think of, anything your feeling. It's like journalling but the point is to get you used to writing.


Literally, the only way to write, is to write. The more you write crap, the more you'll staty to write good stuff. You can't learn it from a book. Though reading in general is a good tool for a writer.

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While I do not write in the novelist sense, I do write music. If you want to really develop yourself as a writer, you can't always afford to wait for inspiration. Even if that means writing an exercise or some other tool for practice, you are at least getting familiar with the writing process.


Sometimes you have to change your approach, too. For example, in music composition/writing, it can be helpful to start jotting down ideas from different perspectives. If you have no melodic ideas at that moment, experiment with harmony. If no harmonic ideas click, experiment with rhythm... and so on and so forth. One of the reasons as a music composer it is easy to run into "brick walls" so to speak is because the lack of diversity in method. There are times when I spend a couple weeks just sitting at a piano and using that as the primary means of developing ideas. But then, if I become mentally stuck, I may sit at a drum kit and approach the seed idea more from a rhythmic standpoint, seeing where it goes. If it goes nowhere, or stalls, I don't force it. I put it away and move on to something else.


Sure, the above has a lot to do with music writing, and you are not talking about music writing, but there is something very imaginative about stepping outside of the little box and re-thinking what it means to be a writer.


Hope that helps.


Be well.

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Advice I've heard is to start reading. You get an idea of what areas you like and what types of writers are out there.


Yes, definitely read! I used to read a ton when I was younger and that really developed my interest in writing, it gave me the ideas and improved my writing vocabulary. Read different genres, identify what you like best, get ideas and start writing! The more you read, the better writing will come to you.

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Write about what you had for breakfast this morning. What did it taste like? Do you like it? Did anyone else eat this? Does it remind you of a commercial you saw? Would your breakfast items approve of such a commercial? What would your breakfast items say to each other? If the food groups had a war, would cereal form an alliance with milk?


The simplest of things have a way of expanding into something else. Don't worry about it being good.. just fill the page with words.

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I AM!! And (I was) a PAID published one at that!!!


doesn't really mean anything, I was saying that in a silly way but I suppose you couldn't hear that huh?


I used to Write regularly for a local news paper. MY advice is go down to your neighbourhood newspaper and volunteer.


That's how I started....

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I did some freelance writing for a short while.


It's not really motiviation that is needed. It's inspiration. And that can come in any form.


I don't know a writer who 'knew' what they were on about. You just have to write.


It all depends on what kind of writing you are doing. Obvioulsy if it is for a blog/journalism/target market. But other than that, you just have to write what you think, feel and live. There's no template for that.

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I just mean, I dont know WHAT to write. lol Like, I have no clue where to begin. At all. Not even a word.


Then maybe you should reconsider your career prospects. Being a writer is an extremely tough life with a very low probability of being able to make a living off of it. Being a writer that doesn't even have any ideas about what to write will make it pretty much impossible for you to make a living out of it.


Although, if you're just considering doing writing as a hobby, then start by making journals about your day or recalling events in your past. Once you have experience being able to put your own feelings and experiences down on paper, that might make it easier to write about the feelings and experiences of fictional characters.

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