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I'm surprised, I really am. I surprised how things ended and happy that it did. I gradually learned that I am someone who is worth something and that I don't need someone in my life to bring me down. For everyone who has been cheated on, I feel for you. It's one of the worst feelings in the world. I had the most difficult time getting over the fact that someone could do something like that to me, somebody I loved and accepted as my partner. Now take it all away, and take the pain that comes with it. It's sad to see how people can be so cruel, if meant to or not, and selfish with themselves. I'm really surprised that I am getting over her so easy. After a three year relationship should I not still be crying and thinking about her 24/7 after only a month. Maybe I'm just disgusted, disgusted to find out what she came to be.


I recently moved to uptown in my metropolitan area with a roomate of mine. I decided to start a new life, work on my career, and focus on myself and where I want to be. But sometimes I feel like I'm running from what all happened because at times it creeps up on me, mostly in the mornings or when I'm alone. However, I know its for the best. I need to move on and I won't be lonely forever. I learned we have to respect ourselves and make our own individual choices to grow in life, with or without your partner. I have become independent again... something I have not fully accepted yet but am trying very hard to do.


When you are used to depending on someone for three years and its taken away there is a void that you want filled. I'm fighting it and doing whatever I can to stay on top. I have someone that is interested in me. I like her but am certainly not looking for another relationship. Either way, I'm moving on steadily. I can't help but wonder if she ever truly regrets what she did or if it actually meant nothing to her at all. I also wonder how happy she is with the dude she cheated with me on and how good her trip was with him. Either way, I tend to notice that its pointless. It's pointless to wonder about her, she is a memory now. And thats what she will only ever be. Because in the long run, I am everything she can't be.

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