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Hey guys!

i just thought that this was interesting... my boyfriend was at work and his neighbor came in... his neighbor is only 13 (my boyfriend is 18.. but anyways) okay so this little kid has the hugest smile on his face... my boyfriend asks him why and he says that he had a threesome.... this kid is only 13!!! 7th grade!! what is the world coming to?! my boyfriend (18) hasnt had a threesome... and hes like 5 years older! what is up with this new age of kids?? theyre all slutty and kinky and stuff like that?! its kind of weird to think about what my kids will be like if i know that this 13 yr old had a threesome!

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that is totally disturbing!! 13 year olds should not be having sex. thats so horrible. shouldn't 13 year olds be at home playing games or barbies or something? at least, thats probably what i was doing at 13, definatly not having sex. do you think that maybe he was just joking cause he wanted to try to impress your bf?? whatever the case, its not impressive at all. i totally think that schools or parents should be teaching their kids about sex earlier nowadays because people are having sex at young ages & i don't think that they know all the dangers of it.

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i agree with enadevoli what is happening with the ages nowa days? its becoming degrading and disgusting. i think the beliefs in sex and reasons for having it are getting lower and lower. when you say you wonder about your children, im going to wonder about mine, i mean whats going to happen if the ages are getting younger and younger now at what age is it going to stop.


at that age they dont understand of the true dangers and to even provide for that particular activity is an unlikely issue that they thought of. i mean if protection wasnt used then wait for a new child to come along.


i believe the parents need to be informed of the activity taken and actually discuss this with there child.

i mean what was the youngest pregnancy? something like 8 years old? it seems like the world is beoming reckless.




p.s. is it me or are they trying devise a new law for legal sex at 14?

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Well, let me throw in a couple of other possibilities:


    The 13 year old is lying OR
    The 13 year old doesn't know what a "threesome" really is. Maybe he just had two girls over, did nothing or just kissed them, and CALLED it a threesome

I'm not saying it didn't actually happen, but kids that age lie all the time (unfortunately). Especially if they think it will make them look better than somebody else.


Just a thought.

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yeah avmans got a point there, but despite that are we looking at the issue of just threesomes? or children having sex at a young age? only i think despite that one boy possibly not knowing the meaning, others do and they probably have induldged in such an activities. this one doesnt over rule what others could have done but not admitted.


still i believe that it is a young age and to me i would not want to loose my innocence or childhood. it meant so much to me. *blushes*



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well.. this little kid told my bf like all what happened and he said he even convinec them to do it all on video.... i really dont know whats going on with kids now adays but thats kinda creepy.. i agree that kids should be learning about sex and the consequences if something bad would of happened... although someitmes kids choose not to listen to what theyre told in sex ed... but maybe if they knew the consequences it wouldnt get too common in the near future

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i would just like to say that i think it is disgusting that kids that young are having sex. i am 17, have a g/f, and i have not even thought about having sex with her. i love just kissing and being close to her. my friends try to pressure me into going further with her, but i don't think either of us are ready, and besides, i think kissing is one of the most passionate acts in which a couple can engage. it seems that the whole level of intimacy is being lost at a younger age, and it pisses me off when all these 12 and 13yr olds are having sex and getting pregnant/inpregnating someone because neither the guy nor the girl knows what they are doing. it makes me sick that so many lives are being ruined because of stupid kids not understanding the consequences of their actions.

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This doesn't surprise me at all. Look at TV guys. . . kids are flodded by sexual themes on everything from NBC, ABC, and MTV. Just becuase the major TV networks normally don't show nudity, a lot of the cable networks do, and just because the attach that ridiculous mature rating after commercial doesn't mean they aren't exposed to it when the parents aren't around. I know America has opened up sexually in the last 10 years, so why not the kids? I mean, it isn't right, but really shouldn't be that surprising. . .

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